OMS students were busy reading this summer

three students in library holding books

OMS students were busy reading this summer

Congratulations to top readers Carmela Jerry, Kieran Stone and Quinn Dougherty

It was a busy summer for 85 middle school students who participated in the summer reading program through the Town of Ballston Library. Together, they racked up a total of 100,525 minutes of reading!

The top three readers are eighth grader Kieran Stone who logged 5,001 minutes of reading; sixth grader Quinn Dougherty who logged 5,521 minutes of reading, and top reader eighth grader Carmela Jerry who logged an impressive 10,245 minutes of reading. For Carmela, that’s about 170 hours of reading pleasure. If you are looking for a good book to read you should ask her!

Other summer reading accomplishments

Of the 85 middle school students who participated:

  • 17 read more than 1,000 minutes (which is about an hour and a half per week),
  • 5 read more than 2,000 minutes,
  • 6 read more than 3,000 minutes,
  • and 1 student read more than 4,000.

Way to go Spartans. Keep up the good work! And remember, there’s a reading challenge next summer.