Parent University: ADD, ADHD & Anxiety Seminar, Nov. 12

Join us for a seminar on ADD, ADHD and Anxiety with Dr. Randy Cale on Tuesday, Nov. 12 at 6:30 p.m. in the O’Rourke Middle School library.

Is this workshop for you?

The answer is yes if you:

  • Have a child who struggles with anxiety, worry, panic and fears.
  • Feel desperate to help your child with anxiety, ADD or ADHD.
  • Dance around your child’s behaviors or fears, or lose sleep over worries.
  • Experience debilitating stress in your home that impacts the quality of life.
  • Have read every book, talked to every doctor but still nothing is working.
  • Realize medication or counseling isn’t really working…and it’s time for a change.

Dr. Randy Cale will introduce a comprehensive bio-social-psychological approach that parents can bring home and put into practice. The focus is on how to get change at home and eliminate the endless reminders, word battles, and discussions that drain energy and time. Imminently practical and immediately useful, this seminar will put you back in control of you home.

Dr. Cale is a licensed psychologist, author, speaker, and parenting coach. You may have seen him on MBC, Fox News, or read his articles in various magazine and newspapers. He has also created numerous parenting solutions that are available in digital form. As part of his practice, he now offers Neurofeedback Mapping (QEEG) & Training with a focus on helping children and adults with ADD, ADHD, anxiety, OCD, and depression.