PES Grade 4 & 5 students celebrate NGWSD with yoga

PES Grade 4 & 5 students celebrate NGWSD with yoga

Wednesday, Feb. 3 is National Girls and Women in Sports Day (NGWSD), which is why Pashley’s Physical Education Teachers Kim Ferrie and Mark Tooker invited a female athlete/role model to school today to work with students to educate them about the practice of yoga.

“The annual celebration seeks to recognize the extraordinary achievements of those who have helped affect change and create opportunities for women and girls in sports,” explains Ferrie who also had students research a female athlete or role model and create a celebratory poster about her.

The students–both girls and boys–were treated to a yoga lesson by professional yoga instruction Holly Luciano who spoke to the students about the importance of caring for their bodies and embracing overall health and wellness, whether it’s through yoga practice or other athletic activities. She taught the children poses they can practice on their own to help calm them or rest their minds if they ever feel anxious or nervous. She also demonstrated poses focused on strength building and body empowerment. Luciano also explained to students that yoga is a physical activity that binds the mind and body to help remove negative blocks, enhance personal empowerment and encourage self awareness.

At the end of the lesson, Ferrie asked students to share one word that describes how they felt during and after yoga practice today. They had this to say: Calm. Relaxed. Soothed. Strong. Peaceful. Cheerful. Happy.

There were many smiles and “Namastes” during today’s Girl Power lesson. Happy NGWS Day!