Qualtrics Health Screening Survey Update

As part for the district’s Reopening Schools plan, students are required to complete a health screening survey prior to entering a school building or the start of the school day. The district has contracted with Qualtrics for a software program that generates daily health screening surveys. The surveys are emailed to the parent of each student. Parents/students are required to complete the online screening survey daily and submit it.

At this time, the Qualtric surveys are ONLY being emailed to the primary parent listed in eSchool. If you are have NOT received a survey in your email yet, please do the following:

  1. Check you SPAM or Junk Folders in your email. Because the surveys are being pushed out daily before 6 a.m., some e-mail providers may flag the survey emails as spam and automatically filter them in those folders. Please look in your SPAM or junk folders.
  2. If the Qualtrics survey emails are NOT in your SPAM or junk folders, please contact your child’s school main office. The emails were imported earlier this summer from eSchool. If you’ve changed emails, it is likely the surveys could be going to an older email address. Please let the main office know the correct email address so we can update the Qualtrics program.

FAQs About Health Screening

Q: My child attends Fully Virtual School, do I need to submit a health screening survey?
A: Not at this time, however, we will eventually require ALL BH-BL students (in-person and Fully Virtual School students) to submit a daily health screening survey.

Q: I signed up to receive the survey via TEXT but have not received it yet. Why?
A: The Qualtric program requires that submitted cell phone numbers be verified prior to pushing out text messages. Once all the numbers have been validated and proven to actually be cell phone numbers, they will be entered into the program. This process is taking longer than anticipated, but Qualtric Adminsitrator Dan LeClaire is hopeful that the text feature will be implemented some time next week.

Q: My child participates in the hybrid instructional model, so do I have to complete the survey on the days my child is virtually learning?
A: Yes, we need the survey completed every weekday regardless of if your child is physically in a school building on any given day. There is a drop down menu at the beginning of the survey where you can select hybrid/virtual on specific days. Please use that feature.

Q: Why do I have to complete a survey for each child? Can you group them ?
A: The Qualtrics system separates response by students, therefore, if you have more than one child you will receive a survey for each child. Please complete each survey.

Q: I’m not receiving emails, texts, and I’ve contacted my child’s school with the proper email address, what do I do?
A: We are working to iron out any kinks associated with emails not receiving surveys. Please continue to screen your child at home PRIOR to going to school. Email your child’s main office staff with your personal screening. We hope to have all updated emails in the system by the end of the month.