Student Parking Tag Application

Before students can drive to school and use the student parking lot, they must obtain a student parking tag. No student vehicles will be permitted on campus without a parking tag. If you wish to give your child permission to drive, please read the regulations below and complete the Google Form.

A fee of $10 per year is required. A student parking tag will be issued when approval is granted. Student transportation will be granted to all 12th grade students who apply. Any 11th and 10th grade students with special circumstances may also be granted driving privileges with administrative approval.

Students requesting parking tags are required to submit a copy of their valid driver’s license and registration for the vehicle being driven to school. Parking tags will not be issued to students without a valid driver’s license. Students are advised not to provide transportation for other students. Please note: If your child is driving your vehicle, you are liable for any damage or injuries caused by their actions. Your cooperation is appreciated.