Walking School Bus Form

Message from PTA President Melia Gordon

In the Reopening Schools forum #2 on July 29, BH-BL officials mentioned that they were looking into many alternatives for getting in-person instruction students to the school buildings safely and efficiently this year. One of the options that they wanted to gauge interest in was a “walking school bus”. They asked each school to survey our families for interest.

Please fill out an interest form only once per family. Please fill out the form even if you aren’t interested in a walking bus – knowing that will help us figure out whether it’s worth exploring.

If you don’t live within walking distance of the school, they asked us to include the option to drive your child to a walking bus stop as a possibility for alleviating drop off congestion at the school.

Lastly, understand that this is in no way a guarantee that a walking school bus will be implemented in the district. Nor are you committing to using the walking bus by filling out this survey. This is purely to gauge interest and see who might be able to help Charlton Heights pursue this path.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to email me at pta@meliagordon.com at any time.

Thank you!
Melia Gordon
CHES PTA President