Saratoga Career & Tech Education

Saratoga Career & Tech Programs

BOCES Career & Technical Education Center (formerly Vo-Tec) in Saratoga.

Environmental Conservation & Forestry
Environmental Conservation and Forestry is a two-year program that aligns with the Society of American Foresters Programs in Forest and Technology standards and procedures. The program emphasizes forest ecology and silviculture, forest management, woods safety, forest land usage, forest protection, fish and wildlife management, forest recreation, trends in urban forestry, and current and emerging environmental conservation issues. Students learn land/forest management practices, tree identification, wildlife identification, tree scaling and lumber grading, timber harvesting and reforestation techniques, orienteering, soil conservation, stream bank repair, equipment safety and operation, and wood utilization/forest products production. Students spend over 75% of their time outdoors in “land labs.” These labs enable students to participate in approved projects that put theory into practice. There are a number of different types of land labs from entrepreneurial endeavors to community service projects.

Early Childhood Education
Early Childhood Education is a two-year program based on Child Development Associate (CDA) competencies and requirements designed to prepare students for careers in Early Childhood Education and related fields. It provides students with the opportunity to work with children three and four years old, under supervision, in an on-site preschool that is free to the community. Students learn to provide guidance, promote positive and productive relationships with families, and ensure a well-run childcare program. Students learn to establish and maintain a safe, healthy learning environment, while nurturing the physical, intellectual, social, and emotional development of young children.

Health Occupations I & II
This two-year program that implements two state curriculums: Health Occupations (CORE) and Nurse Assisting. It is designed to prepare students to practice Skills & Theory to render care in a variety of health care facilities as a nursing assistant. The program builds on skills and theory acquired through CORE-care. For example, the course is comprised of entry-level skills related to anatomy and physiology, and frequently seen abnormal conditions. In the second year students learn skills in Medical Office Assisting, phlebotomy and EKGs, computer applications, and central supply. In conjunction with supervised clinical experiences, this course prepares efficient and caring members of a health care team. Students participate both years in clinical settings (hospitals, nursing homes, etc.)

Heavy Equipment Maintenance & Operation
Heavy Equipment Maintenance and Operation is a two-year program based on the National Center for Construction Education and Research™ Learning Series for Heavy Equipment and Repair. Modules include introduction to the trade, safety, identification of heavy equipment, basic operational techniques, tractors, grades and slopes, diesel engines, and hydraulics. Students learn to operate, maintain, diagnose, and repair construction-related equipment such as backhoes, bulldozers, bucket loaders, excavators, dump trucks, and skid steers, and apply these skills in “hands on” exercises that include site grading/leveling, materials transportation, and excavation.

Horse Care
Horse Care is a two-year program that includes training of Standardbred horses for racing, using all related tack and equipment. It encompasses equine systems and physiology, nutrition, health, disease, emergency medical care, and stable management. Students learn about bloodlines, breeding, purchasing, selling, the daily care of horses, the role of the caretaker, safety, professionalism, handling of horses, and breaking a yearling. Students spend a majority of their time at the Upstate Equine Vet Clinic, where they learn and apply equine and veterinary science on Standardbred horses.

A two-year program aligns with the New York State Nursery & Landscaping Association and incorporates contemporary knowledge, skills, and trends in the horticulture, floral and landscaping industries.  Students design and implement landscaping for some of the areas finest gardens. They operate and manage on-site greenhouses and floral shops that are open to the public, gaining hands-on experience in retail sales, merchandising, customer service, and shop management. The curriculum includes commencement-level math and English language arts. All students are given the opportunity to participate in a work-based learning experience, which exposes them to the operation of a business nad specific job duties related to future careers.