Community Corner

At BH-BL we believe in educating everyone–not just our students.

Our community corner section provides residents with information about all different aspects of our school district including recreational and community programs, alumni information, facility use guidelines, parent resources and much more.

If after perusing this section of our website, you are still unable to find information about a certain program please contact Communications Specialist Tara Mitchell at 518-399-9141, ext. 85041.

Community Services


The school district receives thousands of dollars worth of donated furniture, musical instruments, and other equipment each year. If you are considering a donation, please contact the administrator most closely involved. Alumni groups or individuals interested in creating a planned gift that could benefit this community’s children for years to come should contact Superintendent Patrick McGrath.

All donations must be recommended by an administrator and formally accepted by the Board of Education.

Senior Citizen Passes

Senior Citizen Passes are available to all district residents who are at least 60 years old or on disability retirement. The passes admit holders free to all school events (such as plays, concerts, and athletic events) and to Continuing Education courses when there is sufficient paid enrollment for the course to be self-supporting. Passes are issued in the Superintendent’s Office, at BH-BL District Offices, 88 Lakehill Road, Burnt Hills.

Volunteer Opportunities

The BH-BL Schools use volunteers in many ways, from helping pupils in classrooms, computer labs, and cafeterias to publishing elementary students’ stories, and shelving library books. The names and phone numbers of PTA contact people can be found on page 25. Residents are also welcome to talk to their school principal or their child’s teacher about opportunities for volunteers. Looking for other volunteering opportunities? Contact Community Liaison Dacey Bonney.