2021-22 Budget News

Resident Approve Budget, Versocki & Morse Elected to Board

Thank you for voting and for continuously supporting the district

On Tuesday, May 18, 2021, BH-BL residents went to the polls and approved the 2021-22 school budget vote with 1,466 yes votes to 415 no votes and a passing percentage of 78. Residents also approved proposition #2 on the ballot, the continuation of an ex-officio student board member, with 1,652 yes votes to 214 no votes. The two open board seats will be filled next school year by the two candidates who received the highest votes: David Versocki with 1,424 votes and Lisa M. Morse with 1,481 votes. (Ben Riehlman received 482 votes.) Learn more about the budget.

Budget Advisory Committee News

Nov. 24: Budget Advisory Committee Review Human Resource Adjustment Strategy

At the Budget Advisory Committee (BAC) meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 24, members reviewed Human Resource Adjustments, the fourth and final strategy for dealing with the possibility of significant mid-year state aid cuts. [FULL STORY]

Nov. 17: Budget Advisory Committee Reviews Strategy #3

At the district’s Budget Advisory Committee (BAC) meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 17, members were presented with an overview of a third strategy for dealing with the possibility of significant mid-year state aid cuts–Program and Service Reductions.  [FULL STORY]

Nov. 10: Budget Advisory Committee Discusses Revenue Increase Strategies

On Tuesday, Nov. 10, the BH-BL Budget Advisory Committee (BAC) met for its third meeting, focusing their time on the strategy of using fund balance as a means of making up for a potential 20 percent cut in NYS aid. As part of this topic, the committee also discussed the tax levy, tax cap requirements, and the impact school tax increases could have on the community. [FULL STORY]

October 27: Budget Advisory Committee Explores Short-Term Structural Changes

Meetings of the Board of Education’s Budget Advisory Committee continued this week as district leadership also continues to prepare for the possibility that the district may face a cut in NYS aid of up to 20 percent. [FULL STORY]

October 21, 2020: Budget Advisory Committee Brainstorms Cost Saving Ideas

At its first meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 20, the 2020 Budget Advisory Committee, lead by co-chairs David Versocki and Lakshmi Nagarajan, convened virtually to discuss the committee’s charge, learn more about the financial impact potential state aid reductions would have on BH-BL, and begin brainstorming cost saving and revenue generating strategies that could be implemented by the district to address this significant revenue shortfall anticipated for next school year. [FULL STORY]

Board of Education Forms Budget Advisory Committee

At its Oct. 6 meeting, the BH-BL Board of Education appointed 51 people to its 2021-22 Budget Advisory Committee.  The committee will begin by reviewing the district’s current and future budgets and delve into the impact the proposed state aid cuts will have on the district. [FULL STORY]

Important School Tax Bill Information

All BH-BL School Tax bills were mailed out to residents on Sept. 1 and are due, without penalty, by Sept. 30. If you have not yet received your school tax bill, please contact Grace Meade at 518-399-9141, Ext. 85027 or email taxoffice@bhbl.org.

If you are mailing your tax bill payment, it is strongly recommended that you put your payment in the United States Postal mail by mid-September to ensure it reaches the BOCES School Tax Bill Processing Center before Sept. 30. It has been suggested that due to COVID-19, the postal service is experiencing higher demands than a normal year. [READ FULL STORY]

2020-21 School Budget

Budget: $70,885,844 | Estimated tax rate increase: 1.98% | Tax levy increase: 2.90% | Budget-to-budget increase: 1.92%

Overview of the Budget Process

Budget development actually starts in every November when the Board of Education begins to identify their budget objectives and the factors external and internal to the school district that are likely to have the greatest impact on the next year’s budget. Such factors can include rising prices for fuel or health insurance, for example, or the expectation that we will be impacted by a new state mandate or a change in pupil enrollment.

By December, the Board has created a detailed budget development calendar that includes the objectives and context for the new school budget.

In January, the Board of Education receives preliminary budget requests for the coming school year from school administrators, as well as requests for additional staffing and possible new or improved programs.

February, March and early April are spent analyzing and discussing these requests at a series of public Finance Committee meetings. The school board also solicits public input on the budget and devotes time to budget development issues at its regular February and March business meetings. Administrators work to refine their numbers as more accurate cost estimates and enrollment figures are received during this period, and as Board members ask them to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of providing a service in a different way.

Throughout the winter and spring, school board members and administrators are also monitoring budget activity at the state level. BH-BL school board members and administrators are in frequent contact with local legislators to inform them how various state funding proposals will affect our schools.

In mid-April, the Board of Education votes on a proposed budget. A newsletter describing the budget is then printed and mailed to all district homes in early May. A copy of the proposed budget broken down by line items is also available in May at the main office of each school or the District Office. The public vote on the proposed budget is held by law on the third Tuesday in May.