Activities and Clubs

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Most of the student clubs and activities described on these pages meet during Academic Advisement Period after school on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and/or Thursdays. There is a second condensed bus run home on these three days after this period so students can stay to enjoy the wide range of activities offered at the school and still be transported home. For more information on any of the activities below, contact the advisor listed.

List of current clubs, activities and organizations

Art Club

Advisors: Ms. Buhner & Mrs. Layden

Students help to raise funds for and participate in a variety of art-related activities including workshops and projects, school and community mural painting, a spring trip, Arts Fest, and local and regional exhibits and competitions.

BH-BL Student News

Advisor: Mr. Reynolds

Our school newspaper is published several times each year. It functions as an activity, and students from all grades are encouraged to participate. Click here to visit the club’s website.

BH-BL National Honor Society

Advisor: Mr. DiPrimio

Students are elected to the Honor Society in limited numbers in their Junior year. Eligibility requires a 90 average in all courses and election on the basis of leadership, character, and service.

BH-BL World Languages Honor Society

Advisor: Mrs. Dann & Mrs. Shanholtz

Students enrolled in a Level 3 language course are selected to the World Language Honor Society during their 10th or 11th grade school year. Eligibility requires a commitment to the study of at least one language in the school district with an 85 or above average, and an active involvement in the language community, inside and outside of the school.

Book Club

Advisor: Mrs. Heiner

Members of the club select novels / stories to read over the course of the school year and meet on a regular basis to discuss these books. All are welcome!

CIVITAS (History Club/Debate Club)

Advisor: Ms. Fay & Mrs. Tolan

Open to students who want to learn formal debate procedures for a variety of topics. A goal of this group is participation annually in the Model United Nations competition each spring.

Coding Club

Advisor: Mrs. Clapper

Coding Club is open to all students who have an interest in computer programming and software development. This club provides students with the opportunity to collaborate with each other on projects of their own interest as well as those that serve the community. Students have opportunities to compete in coding competitions with other high school students. No programming experience is required.

Drama Club (and Stage Crew)

Advisors: Mrs. Derrick & Mr. Lombardi

Students interested in performing, acting, or working behind the scenes sponsor a fall play, a spring musical, and a student production. Students may also learn lighting and technical aspects of performing.g.

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)

Advisor: Mrs. Wheeler

This is a very active club which is affiliated with both NYS and National F.B.L.A. organizations. Students engage in a variety of activities every year including NYS and national competitions. Emphasis is placed on developing leadership skills.

Green Club

Advisors: Mrs. Adams & Mr. Kowalski

An environmental awareness group open to all students.


Advisors: Mrs. Jones & Mrs. Collins

GPX focuses on girls’ empowerment across the school. This club strives to connect young women in the building and to encourage a place where young women at BHBL High School can support and encourage each other, advocate for one another, and help each other resolve conflicts or challenges. The group also focuses on making a positive impact on the community and school district through community service, compassion, and celebrations.


Advisor: Ms. Bach

Interact stands for International Action. It is a service organization sponsored by the Burnt Hills Rotary. This group prides itself on helping others and raising funds for worthwhile causes in the community, nationally and internationally.

International Club

Advisor: Ms. Zaderej

Students who have participated in A.F.S. or other exchange programs share activities with students interested in promoting international understanding.

Jazz Ensemble

Advisor: Mr. O’Shea

Students who are already members of the Concert Band, Symphonic Band, or Symphony Orchestra are eligible to audition for this select group. Exceptions may be made for guitar and piano, but are strictly at the discretion of the director / advisor. The Jazz Ensemble performs at two evening concerts throughout the year, the annual Arts Festival, and at selected venues and festivals off campus.

Leadership Training Program (LTP)

Advisors: Ms. Kersch & Mrs. North

Students are selected for this program following their 10th grade or 11th grade year in order to provide guidance, leadership, and mentoring for 9th grade students. LTP students are expected to work closely with their assigned advisement period students throughout the year.


Advisor: Mr. Reach

LeFont is our annual literary magazine. It includes collections of essays, short stories, poems and artwork contributed by students. Editors read and appraise the material that is submitted and choose the features for publication.


Advisor: Mrs. Erickson

Masterminds is a quiz-bowl competition for high school students. Masterminds is open to all students interested in competing “Jeopardy-style” in academic trivia-based matches. Members of the team are selected and spend time practicing and preparing for matches and competitions with area high schools.

Mu Alpha Theta/ Math Club

Advisor: Ms. Litynski

This club is open to all students in geometry or higher who are interested in mathematics. We have monthly math contests and plan math-related activities. Emphasis is on having fun while working math on problems.


Advisor: Mr. Mosall

NERD Club is for students who enjoy working with computers and are interested in creating movies. Interested students need not have computer experience to join.

New York State Mathematics Honor Society

Advisor: Mrs. Durant, Mrs. Erickson & Ms. Litynski

Students are selected in their 10th grade year after completing three semesters of math at the high school. Eligibility requires a math average of 85 or higher in all semesters of high school math. Students must also exemplify exemplary character, leadership, and service.

New York State Science Honor Society

Advisor: Mr. Watts

Students are selected in their 10th grade year after completing three semesters of science at the high school. Eligibility requires an average of 85 or higher in all semesters of high school science and an average of 80 or better in all semesters of high school math. Students must also exemplify exemplary character, leadership, and service.

Pep Band

Advisor: Mr. O’Shea

Open to all band students. Members of the Pep Band perform at all home football games. Rehearsals are two or three times before the first game and again prior to each game performance.


Advisors: Ms. Bach

Students in this club raise awareness and promote the acceptance of diversity across the high school and the district.

Principal’s Advisory Council

Advisors: Mr. Brunson

This group consists of 20-30 students appointed by the principal. This council meets regularly in order to provide an independent voice in matters of student concern. 


Advisor: Mr. Harrington

RISE (Reforming Inequities through Student Empowerment) is open to all students in grades 9-12. The group focuses on community service events and opportunities, and raising student awareness on multiple social issues. The group is also focused on peer mediation and restorative justice practices. Members of the group may also serve on the District-wide Diversity Committee and the High School Anti-Bullying Committee.

SGO (Student Government Organization)

Advisors: Mrs. Lavertu & Mrs. Summersell

Student Government Organization is the umbrella group for an active program of student activities. S.G.O. serves as an advisory board to the principal on matters of general concern. It meets regularly to study school problems and make recommendations for procedure or policy change.

Science Club

Advisor: Mr. Watts

Open to all students wishing to explore their interests in science. This club allows students to further their knowledge in all avenues of science, including technology, engineering, and electronics beyond what is taught in the classroom. Members have the opportunity to compete in several events during the year against other area schools.

Select Choir

Advisor: Mrs. Derrick

Students currently enrolled in Concert Choir, Mixed Chorus, Orchestra, Symphonic Band and Concert Band are allowed to audition for this group.

Ski/Snowboard Club

Advisors: Mr. O’Shea & Ms. Rossi

Day trips are planned to regional ski centers. Participation is open to all students.

Spartan Buddies

Advisors: Mrs. Collins, Mrs. Raucci, Mrs. Tallman &  Mr. Brunson

This club is dedicated to providing friendship and activities for students in grades 9-12 in our Special Education program. All students are welcome to become involved.

The Spartan (Yearbook)

Advisor: Mrs. Raucci

The Spartan is our Yearbook, which is published annually. It is divided into many departments / sections. Any student in grades 9-12 may work on copy layout, photography, advertising or business.

Tri-M Music Honor Society

Advisors: Mr. Caswell

Tri-M, or Modern Music Masters is a music honor society in which students may gain membership for a combination of music-related and academic accomplishments. Tri-M members are selected for their exceptional scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Chapter goals and areas of focus include drawing positive attention to our music department through community service, helping members reach their full musical potential, and providing performance opportunities outside of the curricular music ensembles.

Wellness Club

Advisor: Mrs. J. Austin

This club promotes projects and activities that encourage positive choices and decision-making.

World Language Club

Advisors: Mrs. Dann & Mrs. Shanholtz

This club is open to all students interested in expanding their knowledge and use of world languages and cultures.

Organizational Procedures for Clubs & Activities

Starting a Club

  1. Any group of students wishing to form a club or organization should:
  2. Identify the number of students interested;
  3. Obtain a faculty advisor;
  4. Obtain approval of the principal after stating the purpose and plans of the organization; and
  5. Apply for a charter from the Student Government Organization.

Groups wishing to meet for short-term activities may do so with approval of the principal.

After-School Building Use

Any student group wishing to use the school for after-school activities should submit an application to the Main Office. This application should include a brief description of the activity and any special arrangements and should be signed by the advisor of the student group. The application forms are available at the Main Office.

Fund Raising

A calendar to register in-school sales of candy, etc. is kept in the Principal’s Office. Board of Education policy prohibits out-of-school sales.