High School Transcript

If you are a BH-BL alumni and need a copy of your high school transcript for college admission, employment, etc., you are REQUIRED to sign a release form in order for BH-BL to release your records.  If sending for college admission purposes, transcripts will be sent directly to the college admissions office.  If you require a transcript be sent for financial aid purposes, you MUST indicate so on the form. Please fill out the following form and return it to the high school:
Transcript Request Form

Current high school students should see their counselor for transcripts.

College in High School (CHS) & University in High School (UHS) Courses and Transcripts

Students who participate in CHS and UHS courses are responsible for registering with the college in order to earn the course credit. If you are unsure if you registered for college credit, please contact the college directly as the Counseling Center does not have this information. Please refer to the BH-BL curriculum guide for information on what high school classes offer college credit.

If you have taken any College in High School courses at BH-BL it is your responsibility to request an official transcript be sent from the college where you earned the credit to the college you will be attending. Transcripts can be requested through the college registrar’s office after July 1 if the course was taken in the current academic year. Previous academic years can be requested at any time.

Cazenovia College: 315.655.7888
Fashion and Textiles | Fashion Design
No college credit after 2022-2023 year due to college closure

SUNY Albany: 518.442.5540
Music Theory (4)   AMUS 245
Pre-calculus (3)   AMAT 100
Science Research (4-12)   ACAS 110 / ACAS 210
Statistics (3)   AMAT 108

The College of Saint Rose: 518.458.5464
Accounting (3)   ACC 111
Business Law (3)  BUS 233   (beginning 2023-2024)

SUNY Environmental Science & Forestry: 315.470.6655
AP Environmental Science (3)   EFB 120

Russell Sage College: 518-292-1781
Advanced Ceramics (3)   ART 231
Advanced Digital Art (3)   GMD 217
Advanced Drawing (3)   ART 222
Health (3)   PED 225
Advanced Health (3)   PED 240

SUNY Oswego: 315-312-2136
Du Bist Deutschland (3)   GER 201
Fleur de Lis (3)   FRE 201
German Character & Culture (3)   GER 202
La Paella De Cultura (3)   SPA 201
Language et Culture Françaises (3)   FRE 202
Temas y Tapas (3)   SPA 202

SUNY Schenectady County Community College: 518-381-1348
AP Biology (8)   BIO 141 / BIO 142
AP Calculus AB (3)   MAT 180
AP Calculus BC (6)   MAT 180 / MAT 181
AP Chemistry (8)   CHM 121 / CHM 122
AP Computer Science A (3)   CIS 133
AP European History (6)   HIS 125 / HIS 127
AP Statistics (3)   MAT 147
AP US Govt & Politics (3)   POL 123
AP US History (6)   HIS 227 / HIS 229
Business Law (3)   BUS 121  (2022-2023 or earlier)
Child Psych & Development (4)   PSY 230
College Algebra (3)   MAT 148
CISCO Info Tech 4.0 (6)   CIS 110 / CIS 111
College Composition (3)   ENG 123
Environmental Science (3)   ENV 100
Honors Chemistry (8)   CHM 121 / CHM 122
Honors Physics (8)   PHY 153 /  PHY 154
Marketing & Management (6)   MKT 223 / MGT 123
Public Speaking (3)   COM 105

AP Courses & Exams

AP Exam scores must be requested online from www.collegeboard.org. Scores can be sent to the college you will be attending after July 1 if the exam was taken in the current school year. AP Exams taken in previous academic years can be requested at anytime.

AP Biology
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC
AP Chemistry
AP Computer Science Principles
AP Computer Science
AP Environmental Science
AP Government & Politics
AP Macroeconomics
AP Statistics
AP US History
AP World History