Physical Education

Physical Education

Physical education is an important lifestyle habit because it relates directly to good health—and is also a powerful social agent. The program provides opportunities for students to interact with their peers and become involved in activities that can be enjoyed now and for much of life. Physical education develops skills and provides knowledge for physical fitness and enjoyment of physical activity.

Activities presented to students include conditioning and body mechanics, aquatics, self-testing activities, games, team sports, rhythm and dancing and skill and knowledge tests. In addition to the daily physical education program, students can further their interests through the intramural and interscholastic athletic program. These programs provide extra participation time for the students.

Meets every third day         ½  credit per year
Students are required to take physical education each semester. Some sophomores may be eligible to sign up for Lifeguarding as an alternative (see below).

Meets every third day        ½  credit per year
To meet their physical education requirement, juniors and seniors can take regular physical education or Lifeguarding each semester.

1 semester      ½  year                1/4  credit
This course teaches students age 15 and older the basic requirements of lifeguarding. Students earn a lifeguard, COR and waterfront certificate upon successful completion of this course. Prerequisites: Students must have passed Level 5 of the American Red Cross swimming requirements and pass a swim test.

Grades 11 and 12                     ½  credit per year
This full-year course provides students the opportunity to enhance their learning of personal fitness concepts and conditioning techniques used for obtaining optimal physical fitness. Students will benefit from comprehensive weight training and cardiorespiratory endurance activities. Students will learn the fundamentals of strength training, aerobic training and overall fitness training and conditioning. This course includes both lecture and activity sessions. Students will be expected to make wise choices, meet challenges and develop positive behaviors in fitness, wellness and movement activity for a lifetime.

Grades 9-12          ½  credit per year
This course combines students of all abilities to participate in developmentally appropriate activities including lifetime activities, physical fitness, and sport. Students will work together to increase competence and confidence in a variety of physical activities. Through ongoing leadership opportunities, members of this course will be empowered to help create a more inclusive and accepting school environment for all students.