BH-BL’s Daily Data & Mitigation Level

BH-BL’s current mitigation protocol: Level  4

BH-BL will use CDC County Transmission Levels in addition to local data (i.e. pool testing, zip code/town case data) to determine its level of mitigation protocol.

BH-BL Confirmed Positive* COVID-19 Cases by Building

*Parents will be contacted directly if their child needs to be quarantined. This chart gets updated weekdays around 5 p.m.

Transmission Indicators by County

CDC County Tracker

Active Cases in Four Towns

Schenectady County Detailed Live COVID Data

Saratoga County Detailed Live COVID Data

Pool Testing Results:  Not Available at this time.

Effective Reproduction Number


Vaccination Rate

CDC County Covid Tracker

New Hospital Admissions by County

CDC County Covid Tracker