James Dunham Citizenship Award

James Dunham Citizenship Award Recipients

In 1987, James Dunham retired from Charlton Heights as Principal.  In his honor, a citizenship award was created and was given to five students in the school.  In 1988, it was decided to honor fifth grade students at the Holiday Concert. The last award was given in 1990 as it was determined to be extremely difficult to choose award winners from so many worthy candidates.

  • 2023 Onjalee Gatt, Karina Johnson, Charli Martin, Ava Masucci
  • 2022 Nick Camp, Haley Hogan, Cohen Kerby, Ryan Russell
  • 2021 Caleb O’Connell, Kyle Crudele, Brayden Buckley, Ryan Beaulac
  • 2020 Henry Bearce, Emme Fischer, Sarah Kennedy, Lily Reed
  • 2019 Addison Cyr, Josh Darcy, Maddie Evans, Ellie Quigan
  • 2018 Lilah Bach, Cosimo Criscone, Jana Johnson, Brenna Kowalski
  • 2017 Corin Gordon, Isabelle Holt, Taylor Hulett, Grayson Johnson
  • 2016 Lucas Hayes, Lauren Marshall, Layle Solberg, Jessica Zalucki
  • 2015 Balbina Bouchard, Kyle Chrzan, Samantha Malagisi, Isabella Tatro
  • 1990 Thomas Bonner, Kristen Herrmann
  • 1989 Elizabeth Martin, Katie Rakus
  • 1988 Beth Hermann, Ken Ihara, Erin Peters
  • 1987 Danielle Aldi, Matthew Clark, Erica George, Marcy Peters, Todd Wilson