Poster Contest Winners

Fire Safety Poster Contest Winners

  • October 2009

Kindergarten- AM/1st Place: Abigail Miller/Honorable Mention: Alexis Patrick

Kindergarten-PM/1st Place: Balbina Bouchard/Honorable Mention: Anthony Wakulenko

Grade 1/1st Place: Donovan Cataldo/Honorable Mentions: Jacob Pashley, Alexandra Ayers and Vincent Venditti

Grade 2/1st Place: Andrew Poirier/Honorable Mentions: Christian Erickson, Alizabeth Zarnofsky and Aina Ozaki

Grade 3/1st Place: Hannah Janik/Honorable Mentions: Vincent Daviero, Lydia DeLano and Cassidy Burgner

Grade 4/1st Place: Tyler Doherty/Honorable Mentions: Lauren Buthfer, Nate Morrill and Kelly Leva

Grade 5/1st Place: Bailey Sheppard/Honorable Mentions: Natalie Burgner and Madison Ayers

  • October 2010

Kindergarten- AM/1st Place: Meghan Poirier/Honorable Mentions: Dermot McNamara and Benjamin DeLorenzo

Kindergarten-PM/1st Place: Elsa Newman/Honorable Mentions: Ada Bouchard and Alyssa Bleyl

Grade 1/1st Place: Sophie Howard/Honorable Mentions: Mackenzie Wadsworth, Matthew Hunt and Lauren Schuhl

Grade 2/1st Place: Lauren DeWeese/Honorable Mention: Alexis Patrick and Angela Simmons

Grade 3/1st Place: Chase Ranaletto/Honorable Mention: Sophie Swain

Grade 4/1st Place: Isabelle Cataldo/Honorable Mentions: Dora Law, Darian Topolski and Justin Haviland

Grade 5/1st Place: Tyler Doherty/Honorable Mentions: Sallie Suski, Julie Andolina and Kristin McAlonen

Saratoga County “Be Smart, Don’t Start” Poster Contest Winners

2001                Gretchen Long                4th Place

2004                Emily Roehl                        4th Place

2005                Karli Russell                       2nd Place

2008                Tyler Jessee                       4th Place

2011                Dora Law                               1st Place