PTA Website

Charlton Heights PTA members have created their own great website where you can access even more information about the wonderful activities at our school. Included on the website is the monthly PTA Newsletter.  Check out the  Charlton Heights PTA website.

PTA Volunteer Activities

The PTA has many opportunities for parents and family members to volunteer at Charlton Heights. Whether you enjoy working in school with children or baking goodies at home, we have something for everyone. Volunteering is an important way for you to show your child how important school is and how the entire community works together for our children. You can find more information on programs on the PTA Volunteer Opportunities webpage.

2018-19 Meeting Dates

October 11
November 14
December 13
January 16
February 13
March 14
April 17
May 16
June 12

2018-2019 PTA Officers and Chairs

The Charlton Heights PTA meets on the first Wednesday or Thursday of the month at 7 p.m.

President: Regan De Martino
VP Homerooms: Melissa Duell
VP Programs: Melia Gordon
Secretary: Nicole Schermerhorn
Treasurer: Darci Emerich
Adopt-A-Book: Melia Gordon & Kristin Zalucki
Arts in Education: Regan De Martino
Book Fair: Melissa Duell & Melia Gordon
Bulletin Boards: Erin Broadbent
Children’s Garden: Adam Levy
Coupon Books: Kristin Zalucki  & Melissa Duell
Curiosity Shop: Susan Williams
Fifth Grade Event: Jen Motel & Sarah Johnson
Family Programs: Melissa Duell & Rachel Ivey
Holiday Shop: Sarah Kowalski
Jr. First Lego League: Melia Gordon
Kindergarten Orientation: Kate Mastrella
Library Volunteers: Heather Campbell
Make-A-Difference Day: Katina Saxton
Membership:  Janis Pitkin
Monster Mash: Dana Cutter & Darci Emerich
1001 Books: Katie Levy
Popcorn Kernel: Kristin Zalucki
Reflections: Tim Sinnenberg & Leland Roden
Rewards for Education: Kristin Zalucki  and Erika Rorick
School Banking: Allison Jones
School Directory: Ashley DiPaola & Janis Pitkin
School Pictures: Regan De Martino
School Spirit: Darci Emerich & Katie Corey
Scholarships: Jen Wheeler
Ski/Snowboard Club: Michelle Rispole
Staff Appreciation Week: Kate Mastrella
Staff Appreciation Luncheon: Sasha Pressisen
Staples Supply Rep.: Katie Corey
Star of Week: Kristen Zepf
Walk for the Arts: Regan De Martino
Walkabout Ice Cream Social: Lindy Bearce & Karen Trbovich
Yearbook: Dave Robbins & Katie Corey

Founder’s Day Awards

The Founder’s Day Dinner is a reception sponsored by the BH-BL School District PTA. This special event celebrates the hard work of volunteers in the district.

All five schools in the district are represented and each school honors some special staff members and/or community volunteers for their contribution to children and the school. Are you wondering who won it in the past? Check out past Founder’s Day winners at Charlton Heights and from the district.

Past PTA Presidents

The Charlton Heights PTA has been an active organization in the school for years. Without the leadership and dedication of our PTA presidents, the organization could not be as successful. Thank you to all of our presidents.