Student Medications

If your child is taking a medication at home that may impact his or her school performance or wellness, please notify your school nurse (whose name and contact information are given on our School Nurses page).

Medications can be administered by the school nurse at school only under the following guidelines:

  • Written permission from both the parent or guardian and physician are required in order for the school to administer medication as per New York State Education Law. The Permission for Medication form can be printed off the website or obtained in the school health office. All medications including over the counter preparations, such as Tylenol, cough drops, and topical ointments, require permission from both the physician and parent/guardian as well.
  • The doctor’s order needs to include the name of the student, the name of the medication, doses, route, and time to be administered during the school day.
  • An adult must bring the medication to school in the original container. The container must be properly labeled with correct name of student, name of medicine, dose, time to be administered, etc. A child cannot transport medication back and forth to school due to the danger of loss or accidental misuse of the medication.

It is very important that parents of students with severe allergies or other chronic medical conditions contact their school nurse to make her aware of the student’s condition and to create a medical safety plan for the student.