Food Menus

MySchoolBucks Program Available at BH-BL

We offer a school payment plan option to help make your life easier. MySchoolBucks® is an online system that will allow you to set up a school lunch program account for your children, deposit funds into your children’s accounts, review purchases, check balances and more. You’ll even get an email notice when account balances are low. Additionally, there’s a mobile app that allows parents to view and replenish their child’s account using a smartphone.

Please note: There is a transaction fee for making an online deposit via MySchoolBucks. This fee is not a BH-BL fee and the district does not collect the money. MySchoolBucks institutes the flat fixed-rate parent-paid convenience fee as a way to support its program thus making it possible to offer this program to school districts for no charge.

Elementary Schools

ES Breakfast & Lunch Menus

Breakfast: $1.75 | Lunch (with milk): $2.75  | Milk: $0.60 | Staff Lunch: $4.50

O’Rourke Middle School

MS Breakfast & Lunch Menus

Breakfast: $1.75 | Lunch (with milk): $3.00 | Milk: $0.60 | Staff Lunch: $4.50

BH-BL High School

HS Lunch Menu

Lunch (with milk): $3.50 | Milk: $0.60 | (Staff Lunch: $4.50)

*There is a coffee shop at the high school where a variety of a la carte items are also for sale beginning at 7:15 a.m.