Food Menus

School Meal Menus

[Click here to view SCHOOL MENUS on the LINQ Connect site*]

  • Elementary Schools Pricing: Breakfast: $2.25 | Lunch (with milk): $3.25 | Milk: $0.75 | Staff Lunch: $5+ tax
  • O’Rourke Middle School Pricing: Breakfast: $2.25 | Lunch (with milk): $3.50 | Milk: $0.75 | Staff Lunch: $5+ tax
  • BH-BL High School Pricing: Breakfast**: $2.75 | Lunch (with milk): $3.75 | Milk: $0.75 | Staff Lunch: $5+ tax

*Please use the drop down menu on the LINQ Connect site to select your child’s school. (The first menu that appears is the breakfast menu for the HS but the drop down lets you choose the school.)

**There is a coffee shop at the high school where a variety of a la carte items are also for sale beginning at 7:15 a.m.

Access your child’s meal payment plan

This program allows parents to add money to their child’s account, set spending limits, receive low balance notification, view school menus and more.

Adding money to an account online is quick and easy. Sign up/log in by going the LINQ Connect site.  Your child (and staff) will use the same ID number that was previously assigned to them.

The LINQ Connect program is a rebranding of the Titan Portal. Student and staff balances from Titan have automatically been transferred to LINQ Connect.