Activities & Clubs

There is a Wide Range of Activities at O’Rourke Middle School

Most of the student clubs and activities below meet during Activity Period after school on Tuesday, Wednesday, and/or Thursday. There is a second condensed bus run home on these three days after Activity Period so that students can enjoy the wide range of activities offered at the O’Rourke Middle School. For more information on any of the activities below, contact the advisor listed.  To contact an advisor, their email address can be found below.

List of current clubs, activities and organizations

Art Club | Advisor: Mrs. Johnson
Meets in 10 week sessions throughout the year to create art projects. Open to 6th, 7th and 8th graders.

Book Club | Advisors: Mrs. BokorMs. Politano
Participants get together typically twice a month, in room 201, for discussions on books of common interest.  Open students in grades 7 and 8.

Chamber Strings Club |  Advisor: Mrs. Walker
Meets Wednesdays, September through November in room 132 for enjoyment and skill development. Open to 6th, 7th and 8th graders.

Chinese Club |  Advisors: Mrs. Qin Wu-Bruni
Chinese Club aims to bring to students a taste of the cultures represented in the Chinese-speaking world. The club meets once a month in room 227. Open to all O’Rourke students.

Coding Club |  Advisors: Ms. Carpenter & Ms. Sicilia
Coding Club is open to any O’Rourke students who are interested in learning about computer programming and computer science.  We cover topics such as JavaScript, Python, C++, game design and website building.  This club meets every Wednesday during Activity Period (AP).

Debate Club | Advisor: Mrs. Wadsworth
The Debate Club’s aim is to empower middle school students with the skills of expressing their beliefs clearly and concisely, public speaking and effective communication, and staying aware of current events in the world. [LINK TO SCHEDULE]

Drama Club | Advisor: Mr. Soricelli
Meets October through March to prepare and present the school musical. Open to all O’Rourke students.

FACS Club | Advisor: Mrs. Comley
FACS club meets throughout the school year for creative students to participate in engaging activities to better themselves and our local community. Open to grades 6, 7 and 8.

French Club | Advisor: Ms. Nirsberger
Meets once a month in room 221 for French cultural activities. Open to grades 6, 7 and 8.

German Club | Advisor:  Mrs. Phelps
Meets once a month in room 223 for German cultural activities. Open to all O’Rourke students.

Girl Fusion | Advisors: Mrs. Brunson & Ms. White
O’Rourke’s official girls club.  For those interested in giving back to your community, making new friends, and trying new things all while having fun.

Go Green Club | Advisor: Mrs. Chila
Go Green Club works on helping the building become more green and teaching ways to reduce, reuse and recycle. We run the recycling program and the Green Boutique, which is a free thrift shop/clothes exchange at the Middle School.  Stop by and join us to make a difference in the world!

KARE Club | Advisor:  Mrs. Crowley & Mrs. Hyde
KARE Club (Kindness and Respect for Everyone) is the student group for our Character Education Program.  6th, 7th and 8th graders participate in this club to help spread positivity, kindness, and respect throughout our school.  KARE Club meets two times a month on Tuesdays during AP.  Please see Mrs. Hyde if you are interested in being a member of this worthwhile club.

Math Club | Advisor: Mrs. Kibler
Math Club is open to all 6th, 7th, and 8th graders who would like to further explore the fun side of mathematics.

Middle School Jazz Ensemble | Advisor: Mrs. Rask
Meets on Tuesdays all year in room 130. Jazz band for selected  grade 7 and 8  students only. Inquiries should be made of Mrs. Rask directly.

National Junior Honor Society | Advisor: Mrs. Hills
A national community service organization for 8th graders based on character, scholarship, leadership, service and citizenship.  To join students must meet the eligibility criteria.

National Junior Honor Society Requirements for Membership:

  • 92.0 average for first 3 quarters of 7th grade.
  • No demerits, suspensions, or significant behavior incidents by the end of the 3rd quarter in 7th grade.
  • Completion of 30 hours of community service over the summer of 7-8th grade.
  • Completion of Character Statement by early September of 8th grade.
  • 7th graders will be notified of eligibility to join near the end of May and 8th graders will be notified of acceptance in early September.  The induction ceremony will take place in early October for 8th graders.

Newspaper Club – O’Rourke Observer | Advisor: Ms. Wadsworth
Student editors work with an advisor to publish the O’Rourke Observer to help students and parents stay in the know about school happenings. This club meets the first and third Thursdays of each month. [Follow this link to view the schedule]

Odyssey of the Mind | Advisor: Mrs. Kibler
Students work with coaches to compete in the Odyssey of the Mind competitions.

Ski & Snowboard Club | Advisor:  Mr. Leggieri
The O’Rourke Ski & Snowboard Club travels to West Mt. in Queensbury six Monday evenings in January and February.  Lessons, rentals, meal plans are all available to purchase when registering.  Sign ups occur from the middle of September and go through the middle of December.  At this time, parents are responsible for transport.  A meeting is held during an activity  period in early November and sign-ups are done through West Mt.’s website.

Spanish Club | Advisors: Mrs. DeMarco
Spanish Club meets throughout the year to celebrate cultural holidays and to create crafts. Meetings are in Room 228 and will be announced. Open to all O’Rourke students.

Spartan Buddies | Advisors: Mrs. Froschauer & Mr. Yager
Spartan Buddies is a club to help foster friendships between students with and without disabilities. Our main goal is fostering respect, leadership, & understanding through social inclusion. Building friendships, increasing social skills, and celebrating differences.

Spartan Citizens Club | Advisors: Mrs. Azotea & Mrs. Hills
A club for students in 6th through 8th grade who are interested in social studies, civics, and history.  This club provides a wide variety of activities that will get students excited about learning history as well as getting involved in their school and community.

Spartan Run Club | Advisors: Mrs. ChilaMrs. Coniglione
Join us to run or walk with a friend for fun. This club meets once a week for a period of time in the Fall and again in the late Spring.

Student Council | Advisors: Mrs. Azotea & Mr. Tarlo
Student government organization. Meets all year in room 123. Open to all O’Rourke students. Elections are held in Social Studies classes.

Technology Club | Advisors: Mrs. Kelliher
Student government organization. Meets all year in room 123. Open to all O’Rourke students. Elections are held in Social Studies classes.

Tri-M Honor Society | Advisor: Mrs. Rask
Tri-M is a music honor society in which members focus on their love of music and community through performances and service projects.

XPE Club | Advisor:  Mr. Leggieri
Extreme Physical Education Club meets one to two times a month to take PE to the next level. This club is geared towards students who excel and are positive leaders in their regular PE class. Open to 8th grade students. Runs from November through June.

Yearbook | Advisor:  Mrs. Comley & Mrs. McDonnell
Creative students unite to plan and execute the O’Rourke Middle School Yearbook.  Students meet in the yearbook homeroom daily and work diligently throughout the school year to create a memorable yearbook for students and staff to enjoy.  Interested students can apply in the early spring to be considered to become part of the yearbook staff for the following school year.