Building Council

Building Council Helps Improve Education

Each BH-BL school has a Building Council whose goal is to help improve the quality of education for all students through a shared-decision making committee.

The committee is comprised of teachers, administrators, staff and parents. There are six teacher members selected for Building Council in each school who are also members of one of the six district K-12 committees: language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, health and special services. In the middle school, team leaders are selected by grade level and department to represent their colleagues. Parents and CSEA are also part of the shared decision making group.

Building Council Goals

Three Year Goal

By school year 2019-20 we will be fully immersed in a new schedule and a solitary middle school bus run will be made available in order to increase the contact time with students.

The isolation of a middle school bus run will allow for more time in our master schedule, allowing for improvements and changes that would have a positive impact on our adolescent students.

Academic Goal:  To increase conversations regarding literacy in our content areas in our grade level and department teams.

  • Ongoing discussions at team meetings related to literacy. (reading, writing, verbal communication) 
  •  Investigate Project Based Learning, cross curricular activities, or activities to do on your own
  • Team Leaders sharing out at Council meetings
  • Increase opportunities for professional development in areas surrounding literacy

Social-Emotional Goal:  To create an environment where all students feel investment in the school community by learning and applying strategies that foster social emotional growth.

  • Continue the homeroom-first period combination
  • Continuation of activities to support team building
  • Increase social cognition – educate faculty and staff in areas including but not limited to: growth mindset, social thinking, goal setting, mindfulness, CREST – Capturing Kids’ Hearts training for new staff or current staff who have not had the training

2022-23 Meeting Dates

  • August 29, 9:00 am
  • No September Meeting
  • October 30
  • November 27
  • No December Meeting
  • January 22
  • February 26
  • March 25
  • April 22
  • May 13 – Summer Curriculum
  • June 10 – FINAL

[Follow this link to view Building Council Minutes]

Building Council Members

  • Co-Chairs: Colleen Wolff, Principal  & Todd Bucci, TA President
  • 6th Grade: Cheryl Rasmussen, Monica Hills, Valerie Wadsworth, Lauren Mattison
  • 7th Grade: Andy Lancaster, Todd Bucci, Nichole Azotea
  • 8th Grade:  Nancy Hyde, Bryan Yager, Nichole Azotea
  • Fine Arts: Lisa Johnson
  • World Language: Julie DeMarco
  • Special Education: Karen Marine
  • Guidance, SW, AIS, Nurse: Nancy Hyde
  • PE, Health, FACS, LMC: Lori Bennett
  • 6th Grade Parent -Jodi Facteau-St. Gelais
  • 7th Grade Parent – Jessica  Fraioli
  • 8th Grade Parent – Lindsay DiMaso
  • CSEA: Laurie Coniglione
  • Building Technology Coordinator: Lindsay Armbruster
  • Professional Development:  Dolores Weaver & Shauna Bryk
  • Health & Safety: Nick Morocco
  • Character Education: Melinda Crowley & Jaclyn Weber