Student Spotlight

Highlighting our Students’ Ongoing Successes

The students at O’Rourke Middle School are outstanding and exhibit excellence on a daily basis in the areas of academics, arts, sports and community. It is our privilege to highlight some of these students under the “Spotlight” and honor them for their hard work and contributions to school life.

Honor Roll

It is our privilege to honor those students who, through hard work and a dedication to excellence in academics, achieve grade-point averages that meet the criteria of one of three Honor Rolls that are maintained at O’Rourke.

Principal’s Honor Roll: Grade-Point Average of 94.50 and above
High Honor Roll: Grade-Point Average 89.50 – 94.49
Honor Roll: Grade-Point Average above 84.50 – 89.49

Students of the Month

Beginning with November, each month students are recognized who demonstrate a positive attitude towards learning and respect towards others. Students who demonstrate consistent effort, appropriate conduct, responsible behavior, a cooperative attitude and respect for others are recognized. Honorees have their name and picture posted on the bulletin board outside the main office and receive a letter of congratulations and a certificate of recognition from Principal Colleen Wolff.

February 2020

  • 6th Grade: Oliver Motel, Heidi Tallman and Maddie Evans
  • 7th Grade: Ben Jewell and Liam Welsh
  • 8th Grade: Gillian Bliss and Brian Hughes

January 2020

  • 6th Grade: Josh Darcy, Emily McFarland, PJ Wilson
  • 7th Grade: Miles Bechtel, Emily Pearson
  • 8th Grade: Kendall Clark, Angelo Demarco, Carlianna Ewing

December 2019

  • 6th Grade: Addisyn Knapik, Logan Mueller and Samantha Hyde
  • 7th Grade:Taylor Steepe and Jared Iwaniec
  • 8th Grade: Olivia Ismail, Hailey Pezzolesi and Joanna Chan