Building Council

Building Councils help improve education

Each BH-BL school has a Building Council whose goal is to help improve the quality of education for all students through a shared-decision making committee.

The committee is composed of teachers, administrators, staff and parents. There are six teacher members selected for Building Council in each school who are also members of one of the six district K-12 committees: language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, health and special services.

Each Building Council typically meets every month. See below for meeting calendar, minutes, members and more.

2018-19 Meeting Calendar
All Pashley Building Council meetings are at 3:15 p.m. in the Pashley Faculty Room on the following dates:

  • September 19
  • October 23
  • November 27
  • December 18
  • January 9 (Combined Faculty and Building Council Meeting)
  • February 12
  • March 19
  • April 30
  • May 20
  • June 18

Pashley Building Council members include:

  • Jill Bonacio, principal  and co-chair
  • Aimee Miller, co-chair
  • Cindy King
  • Heather Coons
  • Jen Sala
  • Sara Verga
  • Karen Matrazzo
  • MaryBeth Cotrupi
  • Meg Gilgallon
  • Sue Malinowski
  • Michele Bowker
  • Roger Kopa
  • Carolyn Robison
  • Amy Holmes, parent representative
  • Holly Bowman, parent representative