Building Council

Building Council’s Help Improve Education

Each BH-BL school has a Building Council whose goal is to help improve the quality of education for all students through a shared-decision making committee.

The committee is composed of teachers, administrators, staff and parents. There are six teacher members selected for Building Council in each school who are also members of one of the six district K-12 committees: language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, health and special services.

Stevens Elementary Building Council Members

  • Principal & Co-Chair, Richard Evans
  • Building TA Co-President & Co-Chair, Anita Niezgoda
  • Building TA Co-President & Co-Chair, Heidi Brower
  • Building TA  Vice President, Betty Hanson
  • CSEA Rep., Leslie Tasse
  • English Language Arts CCR, Danielle Brophy
  • Health & Personal Development CCR, Mary Jo Salomon
  • Math CCR, Susan Guba
  • Reading CCR, Vanessa Lampo
  • Science CCR, Amy Wilson
  • Social Studies CCR, Liz Keyes
  • Special Services CCR, Diane Clary
  • Staff Development Committee Rep., Kris Gregory
  • Technology CCR, David Somoza
  • Parent Reps., Shar Gillan & Amy Waylett