College Credits in High School


For many years, BH-BL High School has offered its students a wide variety of Advanced Placement and College in High School courses that allow them to earn college credit while still attending high school. The convenience and outcome of this opportunity has made it very popular and in high demand.

In the 2016-17 school year, BH-BL High School took this opportunity one step further when it launched the early college program, BH-BL+1. This program, which is being piloted through Schenectady County Community College (SCCC), offers students the possibility of dual enrollment to earn an entire year of college credits in a general area of interest, while still earning a high school diploma.

The vision for BH-BL+1 is for students to graduate from high school with a SUNY transcript that could qualify them to enter college as a sophomore.

Below are three potential programs of study at SCCC and the courses needed to complete the first year of college. After completing these courses at BH-BL, students can enter SCCC and complete an associate’s degree in one year or directly transfer the courses into another college or university.

To learn more about the possibilities through BH-BL+1, please contact your guidance counselor.

Business Administration

Fall Courses (15 credits)

  • College Composition: 3 credits
  • Intro to Business/Marketing: 3 credits
  • Principles to Macroeconomics: 3 credits
  • Statistics: 3 credits
  • US History I: 3 credits

Spring Courses (15 credits)

  • Literature & Writing: 3 credits
  • Business Law I: 3 credits
  • Intro to Business Management: 3 credits
  • General Elective: 3 credits
  • Financial Accounting: 3 credits

Liberal Arts: Humanities & Social Sciences

Fall Courses (15 credits)

  • College Composition: 3 credits
  • World Civilization: 3 credits
  • Foreign/World Language: 3 credits
  • Math Elective: 3 credits
  • US History I: 3 credits

Spring Courses (15 credits)

  • Literature & Writing: 3 credits
  • Social Sci. Elective: 3 credits
  • Foreign/World Language: 3 credits
  • General Elective: 3 credits
  • US History II: 3 credits

Mathematics & Science

Fall Courses (17 credits)

  • College Composition: 3 credits
  • General Chemistry I OR General Biology: 4 credits
  • College Physics I: 4 credits
  • Humanities Elective: 3 credits
  • Math Elective: 3 credits

Spring Courses (17 credits)

  • Literature & Writing: 3 credits
  • General Chemistry II OR General Biology II: 4 credits
  • College Physics II: 4 credits
  • Humanities Elective: 3 credits
  • Computer Information Systems Essential: 3 credits

College Credits in High School & AP Information

There are two methods by which BH-BL students can earn college credits for courses taken right at our high school–through Advanced Placement exams and through agreements our school has with several colleges. Students interested in taking any one of these college-level courses should consult with their teachers or counselor.

Advanced Placement (AP)

These are courses that typically follow a nationally standardized curriculum and culminate in an Advanced Placement exam, for which a fee is charged. AP courses are designed for students who demonstrate a high level of aptitude and success in the subject matter. Students recommended for AP courses will be those who:

  • Demonstrate a clear understanding of material and a thorough conceptual knowledge base,
  • Demonstrate a high level of motivation (always complete homework, actively participate in class, seek additional challenges),
  • Demonstrate a high level of performance on other standard indicators (Regents exams, standardized tests, etc.),
  • Submit work of high quality, and
  • Demonstrate high academic achievement in course work.

However, colleges have different policies when it comes to accepting credits earned during high school. For instance, some colleges accept a score of 3 on an AP exam, while others require a 4 or 5.  Students and parents should contact colleges directly for information. Successful completion of an AP, for instance, may allow students to opt out of an otherwise required college course, to be placed in a more advanced college course or to receive several college credit hours for work done in high school. For more information about the courses offered, please refer to the Curriculum Guide.

College Credit Courses/UHS

Agreements with Specific Colleges

BH-BL High School administrators also have agreements with several colleges that the college will grant credit hours for specific courses we offer since our course is essentially equivalent to theirs. Students successfully completing the BH-BL course and paying tuition will have a number of college credit hours to add to their resumes. Many times other colleges will accept these credits. For details, see your counselor. Check out the BH-BL HS Curriculum Guide for a list of college credit courses.

Course Fees

There are several courses offered at BH-BL that have required fees associated with them, such as for an Advanced Placement exam. Students who register for these courses will be expected to pay the fees. Students enrolled in AP courses are required to take the AP exam. A fee will be assessed for each exam. Currently, the fee is approximately $89. Students who are unable to meet the fee requirement are urged to contact a school counselor or administrator to arrange for a reduced fee waiver.

Proof of Residency Information

For students enrolled in the TECSMART program (HVCC) and those enrolled in UHS courses (SCCC and HVCC), you will be required to prove residency for the county you live in, should you be taking the course for college credit.

This requirement ONLY pertains to community colleges and the following courses: World Mythology, Business Law, Marketing & Management and Child Psychology & Development.

If you live in Schenectady County, and are taking a course through SCCC, you are NOT required to prove residency.

The counseling center can sometimes help with needed documents, but have NO affiliation with these courses. For most questions, you will need to seek the advice of the individual teacher for the course, or the college itself.

The counseling center does NOT receive student transcripts for the courses once complete. The student needs to request these documents from the college and submit official transcripts to the college they are planning to attend.

You will find the information needed for the residency application below. If you have any questions regarding the process, it is best to contact the County Offices directly. If you have any questions regarding courses, fees, or credits, you need to contact the course teacher.

Key criteria for completing Certificate of Residence Application for Schenectady or Saratoga County

For use with SCCC or HVCC courses

  1. Affidavit and application can be submitted NO MORE THAN 60 days PRIOR to the start of the course.
  2. Applicant (student) needs to be present and sign application in front of Town/City Clerk, OR must have their signature notarized if unable to submit application themselves.
  3. Applicant MUST provide 2 forms of dated proof of physical address:
    1. One must be at least 1 year old and one must be less than 30 days old.
    2. If applicant is a minor, ONE form of identification submitted can be from a parent, provided that the parent resides at the same physical address AND the parent legally has the same last name as the applicant.

The Saratoga County Treasurer’s Office
40 McMaster Street (Building 1)
Ballston Spa, NY 12020

Hours of operation: Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
For any and all questions, call (518) 884-4724 ext. 4325
[Saratoga County Application]

The Schenectady County Finance Department 
620 State Street (3rd floor)
Schenectady, NY 12305

Hours of operation: Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
For any and all questions, call (518) 388-4260
[Schenectady County Application]