Working Papers

About Working Papers

Secondary school students need working papers for any job except the following: work on the home farm, caddying, babysitting or casual employment consisting of household chores and yard work in and about a residence or the premises of a non-profit organization that does not involve the use of power-driven machinery.

Working papers are issued for two different age groups:

14-15 years of age (blue working papers card)
16-17 years of age (green working papers card)

How to Obtain Working Papers

Working papers are issued through the BH-BL High School. You can pick up the working papers application form from the Counseling Center or download it below. You will also need to complete a state Physical Fitness Certificate, which you can also download. The instruction for completing this form are listed below.

General Working Papers Application
Specialized Working Papers Application (Newspaper carrier, models and farm work–ONLY)
Physical Fitness Certificate

Instructions for filling out the General Working Papers Application

Part I
Parental Consent: Please fill in student’s name, age and address. Parent/legal guardian must sign this section.

Part II
Evidence of Age: This is applicable to students who are homeschooled or for students who reside within the district but attend private school. Student will need to bring proof of age (i.e., copy of birth certificate, passport, driver’s license, etc.).

Part III
Certificate of Physical Fitness: Student will need to take application to the school nurse for verification of a physical exam. The exam must have been given within the last 12 months. The school nurse will verify and sign Part III. If you do not have a physical exam on file, the nurse will be unable to complete this section until one is provided. When school is not in session, attach a copy of the physical exam signed by your physician or a Certificate of Physical Fitness form from your physician’s office to the application form.

Parts IV, V
Leave these sections blank. You do not need to fill in these portions.

Once the application is complete…

When Part I is completed and the Certificate of Physical Fitness is signed by the school nurse, bring the application form, along with evidence of age (if applicable), to the counseling center for processing. Students will be contacted when their working papers are ready to be picked up. Cards must be picked up by the students in person.  The NYS-issued working cards MUST be signed by the students at the time of issue from the counseling center.

Laws Governing the Employment of Minors

The Division of Labor Standards enforces the statutes governing maximum and prohibited hours of work for minors and the type of work permitted for minors. The Division also inspects establishments to ensure that minors under 18 have proper employment certificates (i.e., working papers).

Useful Websites

New York State Department of Labor – Youth Employment Information
Captain Cares/CHS Job Assist Program