Additional Scheduling Options

Additional Scheduling Options

BH-BL+1 Early College Program

For many years, Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake High School has offered its students a wide variety of Advanced Placement and College in High School (CHS) courses that allow them to earn college credit while still attending high school. The convenience and outcome of this opportunity has made it very popular and in high demand. In the 2016-17 school year, BH-BL High School took this opportunity one step further when it launched the early college program, BH-BL+1. This program, which is being piloted with Schenectady County Community College (SCCC), offers students the possibility of dual enrollment to earn an entire year of college credits in a general area of interest, while still earning a high school diploma. Visit the BH-BL+1 webpage to learn more and view sample schedules.

Siena College Early Assurance Program

BH-BL now supports an Early Assurance Program with Siena College to secure admission of qualified students to Siena to earn a BS and MBA degree–in four years.

Eligible BH-BL students may apply for admission to Siena’s School of Business as early as the tenth grade, based on their past and projected academic performance, to secure a seat for the customizable bachelor of science in business degree program, then a master of business administration, all within four years.

Students will need to complete Siena’s free online application, including a short essay, requesting consideration to be admitted in the Early Assurance Program. Students must be on track to complete the required number of academic units in English, social studies, math, laboratory science, and language. Students must also complete at least one college-level course through the Business Department at BH-BL.

There is also an accelerated track for students to earn both degrees in three years.

Students who are accepted to the Early Assurance Program will not be required to enroll or forgo application to other schools; rather they will be able to secure their admission and reserve a place at Siena. To remain in the program, students must earn a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 to stay on track for the Siena MBA.

Other Course Options

NERIC Distance Learning Opportunities

Grades 10, 11, 12  |  1/2 or 1 year  |   1/2 or 1 credit

Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake High School joined the Northeast Regional Information Center (NERIC) Distance Learning Network in the 2017-18 school year. We created two new Distance Learning rooms as part of the district’s 2013 renovations project. These rooms and accompanying technology give teachers the ability to deliver their curriculum to BH-BL students within the physical classroom while also broadcasting the course to students in other schools. The Distance Learning Network offers a catalog of courses for students, and BH-BL students may request to take courses from the network that are not offered at BH-BL. Students enrolled in a Distance Learning Network course will connect with classmates remotely and foster connections beyond the walls of the classroom and BH-BL High School.
During the 2018-19 school year, 19 BH-BL courses will be open to other school districts on the network. Courses that are offered on the network are noted in this guide with a computer  symbol next the course credit line. Additional information about the Distance Learning Network and the courses offered can be found on the high school counseling section of our website,

Driver Education

Grades 10, 11, 12  |  1 semester or summer  |  No credit

This course is designed to produce a safer, more skillful and knowledgeable driver. Students will develop positive attitudes toward safety and learn how to be a driver who has few accidents and infractions. Upon successful completion of both the theory and driving portions of this course, students may qualify for a substantial reduction in insurance premiums and gain full driving privileges at the age of 17. During the school year, this course is offered on a tuition basis in both the fall and the spring, after school on selected days. Driver Education is also offered during summer school. This course is open to any student 16 years old or older with priority being given to upperclassmen, then older students in the other classes.

Volunteer Program

The Volunteer Work Experience Program is open to all students interested in an opportunity to test their aptitudes, interests and skills in the area of helping other people. In cooperation with community agencies, participating students will determine an out-of-school service project to pursue. Successful completion of the volunteer community service (60 hours minimum) will result in one-half credit. Community service forms are available in the Guidance Office. For further information, students should meet with their counselor.

Addendum to the Curriculum Guide

Under some circumstances, a student may earn a maximum of 6-1/2 units of credit for a diploma without completing units of study as follows:

  • Based on the student’s past record, the principal determines that the student will benefit academically by exercising this alternative; and
  • The student achieves a score of at least 85% on a Regents exam* or on a second language proficiency test; and
  • The student passes an oral exam or successfully completes a special project approved by the State Education Department to demonstrate proficiency in the subject matter; and
  • The student attends school or receives substantially equivalent instruction elsewhere until the age of 16.

A student may obtain the required unit of credit in art and/or music by participation in exceptional situations in advanced out-of-school art or music activity. A course outline of the proposed study must be reviewed and approved by the art/music supervisor and the art/music teacher. The course must be consistent with the school’s program and meet the equivalent time requirement. This alternative is not for private music study.

The student may obtain the required unit of credit by participation in a school’s major performing organization such as orchestra, band, or chorus.

* Note: Specific requirements of laboratory time must be met for science credit.