BH-BL Residents Pass Budget, Elect Longtin & Mitchell to Board

On Tuesday, May 17, 2022, BH-BL residents approved the 2022-23 school budget of $76,634,726 with 2,173 yes votes and 794 no votes, and a passing margin of nearly 73 percent.

Residents also elected incumbent Jennifer Longtin to her fourth term and David Mitchell to his first term on the board of education. They received the two highest votes with Longtin receiving 1,569 votes and Mitchell receiving 1,528 votes. The other candidates running received the following number of votes Michele Draves, 202; Emily Walsh, 565; David Barclay, 476; Ben Riehlman, 521; Tom Bird, 407 and Melissa Barone, 526.

Thank you all for voting.