Water Testing Results

Water testing results at BH-BL

UPDATED January 2019

On September 6, 2016, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a new law that requires public schools in New York to test all water outlets currently or potentially used for drinking or cooking purposes for lead levels.

Per the new law, if the lead level from a water outlet exceeds the state’s action level of 15 parts per billion (ppb), the district will take immediate action to fix the problem. To put this number into perspective, the NYS Department of Health uses the 15 ppb action level to promote remediation of a water outlet rather than to identify a health-based or exposure level.

Like many school districts around the region, BH-BL’s original test results from 2016 showed elevated levels of lead in several water outlets. Over the past few years, steps have been taken to remedy the situation and to ensure the safety of our students and staff throughout the district.

According to the EPA, lead in drinking water is rarely the sole cause of lead poisoning. Additionally, human skin does not absorb lead in water so even if water contains lead over the state’s action level, it is safe for hand washing, cleaning, or science applications. For more information about lead levels and drinking water, visit the EPA’s website.

The state’s regulations require that any drinking outlets be taken out of service until repairs are completed and further test results shows lead levels are below the action level. Additionally, the sinks listed below have all been labeled with “No Drinking” signs. They can continue to be used for hand washing and cleaning only

Test results from 2019