Parent & Student Resources

Resources for Parents and Families

This page includes a variety of useful resources designed to help parents and their children succeed while in school. Please use the links provided here to access this information.

To learn more about and register for the Parent and Student Portals, please visit our Portal Page.

Absences and Tardiness

Under the school attendance Laws of New York State, parents are responsible for their children’s regular attendance and punctuality. Legal reasons for absence include illness of a child, emergency illness in the family, death in the immediate family, inclement weather, medical appointment, approved school-sponsored trips and religious observances. A written excuse stating the date and the reason for the absence should be signed by the parent/guardian. Learn more about the district’s Absentee Call-in Procedures.

Student Behavior

Students, parents and school personnel must work together to ensure an orderly and pleasant learning environment. We encourage students to become more responsible for their own actions and to understand and accept the consequences of these actions. A detailed Code of Conduct and the range of consequences that may be imposed is thoroughly reviewed with students during the opening weeks of schools. Review your child’s school Code of Conduct.  High School  |  O’Rourke Middle School  |  Elementary Schools

Traffic & Litter on School Property

Safety on school roads and parking lots is a major concern as the use of our schools for community events continues to expand. All schools have clearly marked lanes, entrances and exits. Some school roads also have speed bumps. All drivers are asked to obey all signs, posted or painted traffic flow indicators, and parking indicators.

For our children’s safety, please:

  • Slow down
  • Do not park in fire lanes
  • Do not pass school buses when their red lights are flashing. It is against state law to pass a bus with its red lights flashing even in the school driveway, and violators will be prosecuted.

Parents dropping off or picking up children are asked to be patient and to allow enough time to do this safely. Parents may need to wait in a line of cars for a few minutes to ensure the safety of all children.

Another concern is litter, especially on our athletic fields. Trash receptacles are available adjacent to the schools. Receptacles in more outlying areas have proven to be a vandalism problem and are therefore not provided. All parents and residents are asked to follow a carry-in, carry-out policy on school property. Litter is unsightly; it attracts insects and may damage mowing equipment. But most importantly, litter can injure our athletes.

Additionally, pet/animal waste can become a problem on our campuses and fields as well. Please know, pets/animals are not allowed on BH-BL campuses, including on our athletic fields, playgrounds, or other outdoor and indoor areas. Visitors are expected to leave pets at home when visiting BH-BL schools, campuses, or athletic fields.