High School’s TechFest = Success!

In an effort to introduce even more BH-BL students to the different Science, Engineering and Technology opportunities at the high school, and beyond, the district is hosting its first Tech Fest on Thursday, Feb. 15 from 10 am to 2 pm. Much like Arts Fest where high school students showcase their work to their peers and staff, the technology and science departments will do the same with the MechaSpartans and the middle school club hosting demonstrations, Science Research students showcasing their award-winning work, engineering displays and more. There will also be college representatives, business and STEM-based companies on hand to show students how they can explore STEM and robotics-related fields after high school.

“Tech Fest is a celebration of technology in our community,” says Schwedatschenko who is one of the Fest’s main organizers. “Students will be able to interact with the booths in their passing periods and teachers will have the option to bring students down during class. The goal of TechFest is to usher more and more people into the technology classes  and explore careers that involve technology.”