Student Searches & Interrogations

Student lockers, desks and other such storage spaces remain the exclusive property of the school and students have no expectations of privacy with respect to those areas. Any search of school property assigned to a specific student may be made if authorized school officials have a reasonable suspicion to believe that the property contains an item that constitutes a violation of the law, the district code of conduct, or threatens the disruption of the educational process. School district officials have the responsibility to protect the health, safety and welfare of the student population, which may require the search of student property in appropriate circumstances.

Disciplinary Procedures

Violation of school rules, improper conduct, or unacceptable behavior will result in one or more of the following penalties:

  • Conference between administrator and student
  • Oral warnings
  • Call home to parent/guardian
  • Referral to Administrator
  • Referral to Guidance Counselor, Social Worker or Psychologist
  • Written warning with a written notification to parent/guardian
  • Assignment of demerits
  • Behavior Contract
  • Request for parent/guardian conference
  • Removal from classroom
  • Assignment of lunch detention
  • Assignment of after school detention
  • Assignment of school and/or community service work
  • Assignment to In School Suspension (ISS)
  • Suspension from transportation
  • Assignment of Out of School Suspension
  • Suspension from athletic competition, extracurricular activities, or social activities
  • Referral to counseling or PAT (Pupil Assistance Team)
  • Referral to the PINS process (Person In Need of Supervision) or other agency
  • Expulsion from school
  • Referral to the appropriate authorities

Disciplinary Guidelines

In all cases, severity of consequences will be based on intent, the student’s prior disciplinary record, effectiveness of other forms of discipline, student’s honesty and cooperation, student’s role in the conflict, and information from parents/guardians, teachers and/or others, as appropriate. School administrators may take discretionary action when determining consequences for inappropriate behavior. Any actions that are deemed criminal in nature will be referred to the appropriate authorities.

Behavior Incentive/Discipline Program

As a method of rewarding students who consistently follow school rules and demonstrate appropriate behavior, there is a demerit system in effect at the O’Rourke Middle School. This is also designed to eliminate negative behaviors which result in referrals or suspensions. Incentives will be offered periodically for students who demonstrate exemplary behavior.

Students with an excessive amount of demerits will lose various school privileges. As a school, we recognize that students will misbehave occasionally and make mistakes.

Demerit Assignment

  • Each Administrative /Teacher Referral may earn 1 to 4 demerits
  • Each Teacher Referral to an administrator may earn 1 to 2 demerits unless it involves a suspension
  • Referrals resulting in an In-School Suspension earn a total of 3 demerits
  • Referrals resulting in an Out-of-School Suspension earn a total of 4 demerits

Demerit Consequences

3 demerits
Parent/guardian letter sent.

4 demerits
Parent Conference
Parent/guardian letter sent.

7 demerits
Parent/guardian letter indicating the loss of all privileges for the remainder of the year. This includes, but is not limited to athletics, Class Night, Spartan Games, field trips, and involvement with clubs and school organizations. With specific extra-curricular clubs, however, i.e.; Drama, XPE, Student Council, lower thresholds for participation may be determined by club advisors and coaches.


Detention is held during activity period on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. A student must report for detention the same day that it was assigned. The only exceptions will be for a medical appointment or extenuating family situations, HOWEVER these must be confirmed by an administrator before postponement will be granted. Missing administrative or teacher detentions will result in doubling the amount of detention time missed and/or the assigning of In School Suspension will result.

Detention Procedures

  • Students must report to detention in room 201A at third dismissal.
  • Students must remain in the detention room for the entire activity period.
  • Students are required to sit quietly.
  • Students are required to bring work to do during detention.
  • No sleeping, drinking, eating, gum, hats, headphones, radios or magazines will be allowed in the room.

In-School Suspension

Students placed in In School Suspension will report to homeroom and then directly to the Main Office. The parent/guardian will be notified via phone and/or a letter within 24 hours of the infraction. All of the student’s teachers will be notified to send appropriate material to occupy the student during the suspension day(s). Rules for behavior in the ISS room are posted and must be strictly obeyed. Students unable to behave while serving in school suspension could be suspended out of school.

Students who are in ISS may not participate in after school activities that day. They may, however, stay for academic work with a teacher based on administrative approval.

Out-of-School Suspension

Students will be removed from the school for a period of time based on frequency and severity of the rules violation. The parent/guardian will be notified via a phone call and a letter within 24 hours of the infraction. A meeting with a parent may be a requirement for returning to school. Suspension will be served at the student’s home supervised by his/her parent/guardian. By law the district will attempt to assign an equivalent tutoring experience for students where practicable.