Get involved, join the PTA

Looking to get more involved in Pashley’s PTA but not sure what to do? Learn about our committees and PTA programs below to find the right fit for you.

After you’ve selected the committee, or committees, that sound right for you, sign up to help with one of the wonderful PTA programs offered at Pashley. Contact the PTA to obtain a Volunteer Participation Form. Once it is filled in please return it to the Pashley Main Office by mail, fax, pdf email or drop it off at the main office.

General PTA Contact:

President: Jessica Fraioli, 518-421-0044

Co-Vice Presidents: Sara Brewer, 518-894-2753 & Valerie Garrison, 518-858-7761

Treasurer: Lakshmi Vilics, 203-979-0021

Secretary: Erin Delnick, 518-366-4902

Committees and Chairs

1000 Books Program

Karen DeSorbo, 518-669-5318

Arts in Education

Lakshmi Vilics, 203-979-0021
Artists, storytellers, magicians, musicians, dancers, museum programs, etc. are brought into Pashley for special programs for students. BHBL District PTA Council supported. Program selections made by Chairperson(s).

Adults Night Out

Sara Brewer, 518-894-2753 & Valerie Garrison, 518-858-7761


Gisele Sum, 518-383-4715
Volunteers check the PTA financial records to ensure proper checks and balances procedures are observed, according to PTA guidelines. Instructions are provided.


Gisele Sum, 518-383-4715
Volunteers are needed to open student savings accounts and process deposits on Thursdays during lunchtime throughout the year. Training will be provided.

Bingo Bash

Sara Brewer, 518-894-2753 & Valerie Garrison, 518-858-7761

Book Fair

Lia Despres, 518-470-5992
Scholastic books are sold during after school hours. Volunteers help keep books organized, set-up, clean-up, and process transactions.

Booster-thon Fun Run

Jessica Fraioli, 518-421-0044

Boy & Girl Scouts

Melissa Sargent, 518-491-0803

Building Council

Parent Rep, Amy Holmes, 518-399-1330
Volunteers work with staff and other parents on issues such as health, safety and character education.

Bulletin Board

Michele Koivula, 518-429-5949
Chairperson coordinates with PTA committees to post notices and information about upcoming events on the PTA bulletin board every month.

Curiosity Shop

Jessica Fraioli, 518-421-0044
After-school program held Fridays for one month 3-4 weeks. A variety of educational and fun mini-courses are offered. Volunteers are needed to assist with at-home prep-work, registration, teaching courses, providing younger-child care, etc.


Lakshmi Vilics, 203-979-0021
The Pashley student directory is printed by classroom with each child’s name, contact information and parent’s names. (Parental permission is required for inclusion in the directory.) Volunteers are needed to collect this information and make additions/corrections to the directory.

Drama Club

Lakshmi Vilics, 203-979-0021

Family Movie Nights

Sarah Cusano, 518-491-0803  & Jennifer Ravalli, 518-810-5986
Volunteers are needed to help pop and distribute popcorn on Family Movie Nights.

Fifth Grade Class Day

Sherry Tomasky, 518-414-22570 & Katie Caccamo, 518-928-9810
Volunteers help plan and work on the activities (yearbook, festivities, games and food) for this day of recognition for the 5th graders, held in June.

Founders Day

Lakshmi Vilics, 203-979-0021


Sara Brewer, 518-894-2753 & Valerie Garrison, 518-858-7761
Volunteers are needed to help tally orders and distribute products from our fall fundraising campaign, as well as assist with coordination and planning of any other fundraisers held throughout the year.

Hannaford Helps Schools

Michele Kolvula, 518-429-5949

Holiday Shop

Melissa Owen, 401-829-6828
This early December evening event is an opportunity for the children to shop for gift items or make handmade crafts for family and friends for low cost. Many volunteers are needed for ideas, prep work on crafts (which can be done a home with supplies provided by the PTA), running craft tables and making sales.

Kindergarten Screenings

Lakshmi Vilics, 203-979-0021
Volunteers are needed to assist with a program for incoming Kindergarteners and parents in their adaptation to school life. Takes place at Pashley two mornings in May.

Lego League

John & Laura Jewell, 518-322-5843


Lakshmi Vilics, 203-979-0021 & Erin Delnick, 518-366-4902
This committee gathers PTA dues collected by homeroom parents at the Back to School nights during September. Volunteers are needed to help write out membership cards.


Lakshmi Vilics, 203-979-0021
Chairperson updates the PTA Newsletter on a monthly basis with important dates, articles and notices from committee chairs. Responsible for designing, publishing, and distributing the PTA Newsletter.

Odyssey of the Mind (OotM)

Liz Royer, 518-534-1612
International program for students using divergent and creative thinking where teams of students work with a coach on problem solving. BHBL District PTA Council supported. Coaches are needed to work with groups throughout the year and judges are needed for competition in March. [Will be offered if there is interest.]

Parents As Reading Partners (PARP)

Amy Holmes, 518-399-1330
PARP is a National PTA sponsored program that promotes reading at the elementary level. Volunteers are needed to implement the theme and promote reading during PARP month (usually March).

Pampered Chef Fundraiser

Jessica Fraioli, 518-421-0044

Pashley Pasta Party

Lakshmi Vilics, 203-979-0021
This event is held in February to raise money for large items needed at the school. Volunteers are needed to plan food and supplies, collect raffle items, sell tickets, set-up, and clean-up.

Polar Bear Express

Laura Jewell, 518-322-5843
Volunteers are needed to type stories written by students (done on your home computer), make book covers and assemble the books. Help children create their own library and develop a love of writing.

Popcorn Days

Lia Despres, 518-470-5992
Volunteers are needed to pop, bag and sell popcorn during lunchtime. Usually held once a month.

Price Chopper Tools for Schools

Michele Kolvula, 518-429-5949
Chairperson encourages families of students to enroll in this program at their local Price Chopper store and acts as a liaison with Price Chopper to track and redeem points accrued by shopping.


Jessica Fraioli, 518-421-0044
Awarded to a graduating senior who attended Pashley. Volunteers are needed to review applications, conduct interviews and assist with selection of the recipient.

School Pictures

Lia Despres, 518-470-5992
Student pictures are taken in October and assistance is needed on that day and re-take day.

Silver Graphics Fundraiser

Karen DeSorbo, 518-373-1329

Spirit Shop

Jennifer Ravalli, 518-810-5986
Volunteers are needed to help organize, sell and distribute orders for a variety of Pashley-themed products on offer each year (t-shirts, magnets, etc).


Sara Brewer, 518-894-2753 & Valerie Garrison, 518-858-7761

Staff Appreciation

Sherry Tomasky, 518-414-2570
This program allows us to show our thanks to all of the staff members who help our children grow and learn every day. The Staff Appreciation date is in May. Volunteers are needed to help organize a luncheon, food prep, set up & clean up. Volunteers can donate their time during school hours, as well as after school hours.

Summer Kick-off Carnival

Valerie Garrison, 518-858-7761


Jessica Fraioli, 518-421-0044
Chairperson sends cards and small gifts on behalf of the PTA to members of the Pashley community for congratulations, thank you, sympathy, etc. as appropriate.

Three Wishes

Jessica Fraioli, 518-421-0044
Volunteers review and process requests for field trip assistance, large purchases, and other special PTA projects.

Trail Clean Up

Jessica Fraioli, 518-421-0044

Transportation Appreciation

Lakshmi Vilics, 203-979-0021

Wellness & Nutrition

Danielle Blesi, 518-347-2059
Volunteers are needed to work with staff to facilitate programs that promote our children’s good health and fitness.


Erin Delnick, 518-366-4902
Volunteers are needed from all grade levels to submit photos and help plan, gather and organize picture placement.