PTA Direct Donation

PTA Donation Information

Every year the PTA works hard to plan a year full of wonderful events and programs for the children and families to participate in. In addition to many events, the PTA generally supports the traditional fundraiser – C & H Fundraising – which requires children to sell products to your family and friends. The PTA makes up to 50 percent on this traditional fundraiser.

However, there is an option that does not require the selling of any products and the PTA is able to keep 100 percent of the donation. This is called the Family Direct Donation Program. [Download Letter and Form form is missing]

Some companies offer a matching program on charitable donations. Please contact the benefits department at your company and see if they will match all or part of your tax-deductible donation–this is a much needed valuable source of income for the PTA to continue with all the programs offered.

The annual fundraiser is our main money-making venture to help the PTA provide in-school programs, after-school programs, supplement individual classroom teacher’s request, along with field trip assistance, and many other programs. Did you know that assemblies (Art in Education), Fall Festival, Holiday Shop, Polar Bear Press, Curiosity Shop, PTA Newsletter, 5th Grade Day, PARP (Parents as Reading Partners), Movie Night, Founder’s Day, Sunshine, Scholarships for three graduating 12th graders who once attended Pashley and many other programs are all supported by the Pashley PTA? The only way we can continue to offer such outstanding programs is by having a fundraiser.

The traditional fundraiser requires the sale of products. For the 2018-19 school year, we will have a wonderful selection for you to choose from. Everything you need for selling is inside the fundraiser packet. There will be prizes for the child with the highest sales too.

The Family Direct Donation option is simple. Families can donate a monetary amount they feel comfortable with to help support the many programs/functions of the PTA. Also, it can be a deduction on your income tax for this year.

If you have family members or friends that would normally purchase products, they too can participate in the Direct Donation offer and their donation would be greatly appreciated. Here’s the form you need to complete if you elect to participate in the Family Direct Donation program. Please check off the appropriate line with the amount that you wish to contribute or write in another amount on the space provided. Please make your check or money order payable to the “Pashley PTA.”

We are hoping that you are again happy having these two options of fundraising. Choose one or both options, which ever fits into your busy lifestyles. Whatever method you decide upon it will help the PTA to continue to provide the students of Pashley with the best programs possible. Thank you so much. If you have any questions, please contact an Executive Board Member of the Pashley PTA.