Outstanding Students & Retirees Honored

Every year at Recognition Night, the BH-BL Board of Education and school leaders recognize outstanding students from all five schools and the most recent retirees for all their hard work and dedication over their years at BH-BL.

This year, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the recognition ceremony was held virtually via Google Meet but the celebration was nonetheless honorary as school leaders celebrated students and said thank you and good-bye to retirees who devoted a collective 573 years to BH-BL. If you missed the ceremony, you can watch a recording of the Google Meet.

Congratulations to the following Outstanding Students

  • Charlton Heights Elementary School: Abby Pearson, Gianna Aldi, Simon Trbovich, and Stella Kibler
  • Pashley Elementary School: Daniel Moak, Tyler Yates, Ella DiCaprio, and Kaitlyn Kergel
  • Stevens Elementary School: Alissa Bikowicz, Molly Corrigan, Maxwell Gaidasz, Chloe Green, and Kaitlyn Kennedy
  • O’Rourke Middle School: Addison Cyr, Carter St. Louis, Adalyn Wood,  Liam Carlin, Catherine Groth, Ellie Adone, and Chad Lewandowski
  • BH-BL High School: Seniors: Dillon Aldrich, David Metacarpa, Rebecca Landry, Mikhail Troyan, and William Forlano | Juniors: Cedric Sirianni, Haileigh Deming, Madeline Boussa, Jenna Kosnick, and Juliet Hull | Sophomores: Jenna Vaughan, Kaitlin Hopper, Emily McDonald, Abigail Miller, and Declan Nerney | Freshmen:  Ella Neary, XingYu Pan, Madelyn Connelie, Alyssa Bleyl, and Noah DiCaprio

Thank you and Happy Retirement to the 2019-20 Retirees

  • Wendy Corrigan, HS Art Teacher, 33 years
  • Mary Grasso, CHES Grade 3 Teacher, 33 years
  • Phyllis Gavin, Cleaner, 32 years
  • Paul McCullough, HS Head Custodian, 32 years
  • Lisa Febraio, MS Grade 6 Teacher, 31 years
  • Greg Butkus, Transportation, 30 years
  • Wanda Staines, Stevens Cleaner, 30 years
  • Donna Thomas, HS School Counselor, 30 years
  • Robert Killeen, Auto Mechanic, 29 years
  • Raymond Baker, Bus Driver, 27 years
  • Star Gaworecki, Pashley Art Teacher, 24 years
  • Bea Sipe, CHES Food Service, 24 years
  • Greg Rogers, Custodian, 23 years
  • Kathy Yando, Stevens Social Worker, 23 years
  • Denise Goodell, Bus Monitor, 22 years
  • Kevin Ahern, MS Social Studies Teacher, 20 years
  • Bonnie Durst, HS Teaching Assistant, 20 years
  • Carolyn Robison, Pashley Teaching Assistant, 20 years
  • Karen Russell, HS Music Teacher, 20 years
  • Lori Litwa, Stevens Reading/RtI, 18 years
  • Mary Jane Baumback, Stevens Teaching Assistant, 15 years
  • Sherri DeMarco, Pashley Teaching Assistant, 14 years
  • Ruthann Daino, HS Teaching Assistant, 12 years
  • Dexter (Butch) Dahlgren, HS Custodian, 11 years