Important Procedures for Drop off/Pick up Area in HS Parking Lot

We have heard many concerns about traffic congestion when students are being picked up in the high school’s back parking lot after school. We’ve noticed that many parents are lining up in front of the student drop off/pick up area to pick up their children after practices and games. Our buses are having a difficult time getting to the front of drop off/pick up area to drop off teams or even pick up teams. We have also been informed that some people are waiting in front, side by side with another car, not allowing other vehicles or busses to get through.

For safety and security purposes, it’s important that when picking up your child from practice or games that you park in the back lot in an actual parking space. When you see your child coming out of the building or off the field, you may then pull up to get him or her. For everyone’s safety, we can’t have cars waiting in front of this area anymore especially with many busses returning from games.

Per safety practices, the busses are required to drop off students directly in front of the gym entrance, and if cars are there they are not able to safely drop off students. The student drop off/pick up area is meant to allow drivers to pull up and drop off/pick up your child and continue on. It is not meant as a place to wait.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.