2022-23 School Year: Federal Government Did Not Renew Free Meals

For the past two years, the Federal Government was fully reimbursing school districts for the school meals provided to students through the School Meal Program. The district has recently learned that neither the federal or state government will continue this program in the 2022-23 school year. The traditional income-based Free and Reduced Price Meal Program, however, is still in effect for eligible families. If your child is usually signed up for the Free or Reduced Price Meal Program, you are still encouraged to apply for that program because of the other assistance associated with it. Your child’s meal will continue to be free or reduced. [Free & Reduced Price Meal Program Application] You can also follow this link to learn more about this program.

Furthermore, due to the increased costs of food and labor associated with food supply chains, the Board of Education approved a proposal to slightly increase the cost of BH-BL’s school meals, by $0.25 across the board. It has been several years since the school meal prices were adjusted, and while it’s not something the district does often, it’s necessary this year in order to reduce the possibility of running a deficit in this program.

School Meal Prices

  • Elementary Schools Breakfast: $2.25 | Lunch (with milk): $3.25  | Milk: $0.75 | Staff Lunch: $4.75
  • O’Rourke Middle School Breakfast: $2.25 | Lunch (with milk): $3.50 | Milk: $0.75 | Staff Lunch: $4.75
  • BH-BL High School Lunch (with milk): $4 | Milk: $0.75 | Staff Lunch: $4.75
    There is a coffee shop at the high school where a variety of a la carte items are also for sale beginning at 7:15 a.m.

Meal Payment Reminder

New Online Payment Program–TITAN School Solutions

BH-BL now uses TITAN for its online school meal payment plan. This program allows parents to add money to their child’s account, set spending limits, receive low balance notification, view school menus and more. Adding money to an account online is quick and easy. Sign up by going to https://family.titank12.com and create an account. Your child (and staff) will use the same ID number that was previously assigned to them. You can also submit a meal application through TITAN School Solutions for the current school year. Please note: The new program replaces MySchoolBucks. Student and staff balances from MySchoolBucks have automatically been transferred to Titan.