Alumni Leave a Message of Hope

Peace Pole Planted in Freedom Circle

A group of BH-BL alumni has left a message of hope for world peace to the school community by gifting a peace pole to the high school. Written on the pole are the words “May peace prevail on earth” in eight languages reflecting the primary ancestral roots of the 1974 graduating class. The languages represented are English, Gaelic, Dutch, Polish, Italian, French, German, and Arabic.

Also, on a plaque affixed to the pole are the words “Teach your children well…” which is a reference to the Graham Nash song “Teach Your Children.”

“This song was chosen to remind everyone that our survival together depends on what we teach the children in our lives,” said BH-BL 1974 graduate Linda LeTendre.

This is the first peace pole on BH-BL School District property and among the first at any school property in the Capital Region. Organizers hope that it inspires students and staff to learn about the ways to create world peace.

From left to right are pictured alumni from the class of ’74  Bill Rowe, Donna Gotzmer Flagg, Nancy Baum Delain, and High School Principal Tim Brunson.