Board of Education Goals

2022-23 Goals

Board Assignments

Create a formal and documented structure and framework of the roles, responsibilities and various sub-committees that the Board of Education seeks to fill on an annual basis.  This could include, but is not limited to, the expectations of Board members serving as a liaison to Parent Teacher Associations, the Education Foundation, etc. as well as the charge to standing subcommittees such as Policy, Lobbying/Advocacy, Audit and Long Range Planning.

Capital Project

Oversee the creation of a Referendum Committee in conjunction with administration to ensure that the short-term committee represents all community stakeholders that have an educational, professional and/or financial interest in the operation of the District and that the guidelines, expectations and charge(s) of the committee in addition to the anticipated size/scope of the referendum are clear and effectively communicated to its members.

Visioning Committee

Participate in broader community committees/task forces such as the BHBL BPA Vision Committee and the Town of Ballston Historic District Grant Committee (Burnt Hills Forward) to ensure that the District is represented when critical decisions that could impact not only the development of our area but the District itself are being considered.


Create an electronic onboarding manual for new BOE members.
Approved November 30, 2022