Board of Education Goals

2020-21 Board of Education Goals

  1. Fiscal Goal: The Board will navigate the potential financial stress
    forecast for the coming year, utilizing our long range fiscal plan and incorporating the input of multiple stakeholder groups, in the finalization of this year’s budget (2020-21) and the development of the 2021-22 SY budget.
  2. Academic Goal: The Board will lead an initiative to take lessons learned from the pandemic and remote learning to rethink the structure and financing of school, in light of the potential fiscal challenges that lie ahead.
  3. Social-Emotional Goal: The Board will enhance and extend, as feasible, the Mental Health Support provided to our students, as well as families and staff, as they attempt to adjust to the multitude of changes occuring in our schools in the midst of a public health crisis and in an academic environment dominated by the need for personal safety.