Congrats to Tri-M Music Honor Society Inductees

We are proud to announce the newest inductees into the BH-BL Tri-M Music Honor Society.  Candidates for such an honor are students who exhibit outstanding musical skills, participation and achievement, academic excellence, leadership amongst their peers, and great character.

  • Inducted into the O’Rourke Middle School Chapter of the Tri-M Music Honor Society:  Elizabeth Abdoo, Angelo Aldi, Isabelle Blais, Jaxson Dannible, Jaime Dawes, Kaitlyn Green, Lauren Green, Luca Jerry, Jana Johnson, and Alana Yahoudy.
  • Inducted into the High School Chapter of the Tri-M Music Honor Society:  Alexa Belanger, Nicole Boyea, Andrew Cheely, Madelyn Connelie, Samantha Girard, Aaron Hernandez, Samantha Lorenc, Cesarina Mazon, Fiona Molluso, Patrick Nyhan, Jillian O’Connor, and Liam Sullivan.

Watch a recording of the virtual induction ceremony.