The Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake school district offers bus transportation to and from school to all students.

All buses leave the bus garage on Lakehill Road at the time indicated for each route and make their pickups along district roads in the order indicated. Schedules and routes are subject to change, particularly during the first month of school, as enrollment changes.

If you have questions about bus schedules, please call your child’s school. For questions about transportation policies, please call the Transportation Department, (518) 399-9141, Ext.  83524.

General Information for Parents

Please discuss the importance of bus safety rules (below) with your children. Students will also take part in bus safety drills at each school in September, November, and April.

We use only bus symbols (rather than symbols and numbers) on our regular bus routes. Symbols are easier for small children in particular to remember, and they can be consistently maintained when buses need to be off the road temporarily for inspections or repairs.

District Transportation Policies

Bus transportation is provided for all children. Bus stops for kindergartners will be within one-tenth of a mile of the child’s home where turn-around space is available to a regularly scheduled bus. All elementary children living on roads with posted speed limits of 40 mph or greater will be picked up and discharged at the beginning of the nearest driveway or dead end street. Other students may be required to walk up to six-tenths of a mile to a bus stop.

Dropping Off Kindergarten & First Graders

After school, no kindergarten or first-grade student will be dropped off unless the bus driver sees that an adult or older sibling is present to receive them. If no adult or older sibling is visible, the driver may try to drop the child off again later in the bus run or may simply return the child to his or her school.

Any change in bus assignment must be approved by the building principal and transportation supervisor. No one may enter a school bus except students and authorized personnel. To avoid safety problems, buses will not transport children to non-school activities or friends’ homes after school except in emergency circumstances. Bus drivers will not accept directions for emergency transportation from anyone except the building principal.

Parents interested in having their elementary child transported to a babysitter’s home or to a state-licensed day care center should read more about BH-BL Child Care Policies & Licensed Child-Care Providers.

Bus Safety Guidelines

Safety is a shared practice involving the driver, students, parents and school administrators. Once students are on board, the driver has complete responsibility. The bus is an extension of the classroom; students are required to conduct themselves according to established standards of classroom behavior. Disciplinary problems will be handled in a progressive manner starting with a verbal warning. Children who become a serious disciplinary problem may have their riding privileges suspended by the school principal.

Students are expected to follow instructions from their bus driver at all times. In addition students should:

  • Be on time at the bus stop — five to 10 minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive.
  • Wait at least 15 feet from where the bus will stop, away from traffic, where the driver can see them clearly.
  • Wait for the bus to come to a complete stop before crossing the road, boarding, or exiting.
  • Cross the road at least 10 feet in front of the bus, making sure they see the driver & the driver sees them.
  • Properly secure their seat belts and remain seated.
  • Keep hands, etc., inside the bus, and never throw anything out the window.
  • Not eat on the bus.
  • Be sure all personal items, book bags, etc., can fit on their laps or directly under their seat.
  • Be courteous to one another.