Early Mail Voting Applications Available

You can now vote early by mail in school budgets and board elections

Earlier this school year, New York Governor Hochul signed into legislation the Early Mail Voting Act. This allows qualified voters the opportunity to vote in their school budgets and board elections by mail. Qualified voters who prefer to mail in their ballots rather than voting in person on 2024-25 School Budget on Tuesday, May 21, first need to complete an early mail voting application and return it to the district by May 14 if the applicants want a ballot mailed to them, or by May 20 if the ballot is to be personally delivered to the voter.

You are considered a qualified voter if you are a United States citizens, 18 year of age or older on election day, a resident of the BH-BL School District for 30 days immediately prior to election day, and registered to vote. Additionally, you are already registered to vote in the school district election if you are registered with the County Board of Elections to vote in the general election or if you have voted at an annual or special district meeting with the last four calendar years.

Voters may only apply for an early mail ballot on their own behalf. A voter who applies for and is issued an early mail voting ballot will not be eligible for an absentee ballot for the same election.

Where do I get an application for early mail voting?

The early mail voting application can be downloaded from the district’s website (click this link), picked up at the District Office (Hostetter Leadership Center, 88 Lakehill Rd.), or mailed directly to a resident. Please contact Deputy Board Clerk Rebecca Manson at rmanson@bhbl.org or 518-399-9141, ext. 85020 to have an application mailed.

Once an early mail voting application is received by the clerk, a ballot will be delivered in the method requested on the application. If no method is requested, the clerk shall mail the ballot to the address designated on the application, to the qualified voter. Please note, the voter’s signature must be on the return envelope in order for the early mail ballot to be considered valid and canvassed.

For a voter’s ballot to be canvassed, it must be received by the District Clerk by 5 p.m. on Tuesday, May 21, 2024.

Please contact Deputy Board Clerk Rebecca Manson at rmanson@bhbl.org or 518-399-9141, ext. 85020, with questions.