Governor to Lift Mask Mandate, March 2

In a press conference on Sunday, Feb. 27, New York State Governor Hochul announced that the statewide mask mandate will be lifted on Wednesday, March 2. This means that beginning Wednesday, masks are optional for students, staff and visitors to BH-BL schools and buildings, as well as on school buses.

The district, which is currently in Level 3 of the Revised Tiered Mitigation Plan, will continue to abide by the state mask mandate for the next two days, and the same is required for all students, staff and visitors. In an effort to not disrupt the educational environment and learning process, please send your children to school with a mask on Monday, Feb. 28 and Tuesday, March 1. If students forget their masks, extras are available at each school.

As everyone eases back into school routines without the state’s mask mandate, it’s important to remember that masks are optional. And, according to data from the parent, staff, and student surveys, there will likely be students and staff who wish to continue to wear a mask/face covering beyond Wednesday, March 2. This decision is perfectly acceptable and welcomed. At BH-BL, bullying or harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. As Dr. McGrath expressed in a letter to the community before winter breaks: “Our goal and hope is that our students continue to be kind, respectful, and courteous of one another regardless of the decisions each of us make about being masked or unmasked. We have incredible, caring students and families in our community who all want what’s best for their children. We’ve made it this far and gotten through so much during this pandemic, I’m certain we’ll weather this next phase with mutual respect.”