Mama Duck & Her Ducklings Found a Home at O’Rourke MS

In a year where social distancing took a front seat, it might be hard to imagine something good coming of it. Yet, there were a few good things including one big one at O’Rourke Middle School that staff and students are calling the “Spring Miracle.”

As a result of less foot traffic, a mama duck decided the courtyard with its man-made pond was a good place to call her home. There, among the flowers and other vegetation, the duck laid eggs and settled in to nurture her soon-to-be brood. One day this past spring a surprise was waiting for staff and students when they noticed mama duck proudly tending to her newly hatched ducklings–all 10 of them.

Ever the animal lover, technology teacher Nick Morocco set up a little hut for mama duck and her ducklings. And, rumor has it, custodians Paul Reid and Brian Brink often bring food for the little duck family.

We can all probably agree that this is a perfect example of the Burnt Hills Way.

“The students love to watch the ducks,” says grade 7 teacher science Tracy McCarthy. “This sweet surprise just made our year!”