Red Means STOP: School Bus Safety Reminders

BH-BL students and bus drivers will be participating in school bus safety drills on Wednesday, March 27 and Thursday, March 28. Additionally, in the month of April, capital region law enforcement agencies will be participating in Operation Safe Stop which is a program that seeks to promote school bus safety through education and enforcement efforts.

As such, BH-BL’s Transportation Department staff wanted to take this opportunity to remind ALL vehicle drivers in the community about school bus safety laws and how we can all work together to keep everyone safe.

“It’s so important that drivers are aware of the colored flashing lights on school buses,” says Katria Hitrick, Administrator for Student Transportation. “If you know what they mean, it can help keep us all safer.”

Hitrick explains that when a bus has its yellow lights on it means the bus is about to make a stop. And, much like the tri-colored traffic lights, vehicle drivers should slow down when they see yellow lights.

“Please do not rush to pass a school bus with its yellow lights are on,” says Christine Sarsick, Assistant Transportation Supervisor. “The yellow lights are alerting you that the bus is preparing to stop to pick up or drop off students.”

When a school bus has its red lights on, vehicle drivers must stop–even on divided and multi-lane highways and school grounds. Drivers must stop whether they are approaching the school bus from the front or from behind, and they should not ever pass or weave around a bus with its lights on.

“Even when a bus is parked, for instance, in the school bus loops, drivers must stop,” says Sarsick. “Simply put, red means stop.”