Science Research Students Take First & Second Place at Regional Competition

5 students standing together

Congratulations to BH-BL High School Science Research students Natalie St. Denis, Hannah Shell, Maureen Fieldhouse, Diana Pollard and Sam Cavanagh  for presenting their research at the Jan. 25 Regional Science Research Symposium held at BH-BL High School, and to Hannah, Natalie and Sam for taking first and second places, respectively, and advancing to the state level.

Hannah Shell took first place in her room that advanced her to the state level where she’ll present her research, “Expression of c-MYC in Human Endothelial Cells Results in Abnormal Vascular Morphogenesis and Metabolic Reprogramming” in an oral format at the Upstate JSHS, March 25-26 in Albany. Her research is a study on the effects of the MYC gene on human endothelial cells, and how this may cause cancer.

Congratulations also to Natalie St. Denis and Sam Cavanagh for earning second place in their sessions and advancing to the state level Upstate JSHS where they will present their research in poster format.

St. Denis will present  her research study, “Correlation Between Blood and Sweat Glucose Levels For a Non-Invasive Testing Technique For Diabetics,” which is a study that demonstrates a correlation between sweat and blood glucose levels without the use of needles, so diabetics can use their sweat levels instead of having to prick their fingers for blood.

Cavanagh will present his research, “Human disturbance increases local diversity of Formicidae populations in dry North American forests,” which is a study on the relationship between ant species diversity and human activity.

Diana Pollard‘s research, “Comparing Gymnast Anxiety Levels with Performance,” studied seven gymnasts’ self-perceived anxiety levels compared to actual changes in heart beat due to performance anxiety on different gymnastic events.

Maureen Fieldhouse‘s research, “The Presence of Infectious Bacteria Enterococcus Faecium in Mohawk Tributaries,” was a study that looked at infectious bacterial growth, and the factors that affect it in the Indian Kill and Alplaus Kill.

Great job and good luck at the state competition!