Students Participate in a “Sweet” Science Experiment (video)

Charlton Heights first graders try their hand at a “sweet” science experiment during an enrichment lesson with PACE teacher Carrie Sunkes.

PACE Enrichment lessons were expanded this school year to include grades 1 through 5 at all three elementary schools. Sunkes travels between the schools working with groups of kids in six-week long lessons that complement and take a deeper dive into the curriculum they are learning in the classroom. The enrichment lessons typically culminate with a student project or experiment, such as the candy solubility experiment that Sunkes performed with first graders so she could elaborate upon the Wonders of Water science unit they were learning  in the classroom.

“Using colorful candy to demonstrate a lesson about dissolving and solubility help show kids that science is fun,” says Sunkes. “It was so rewarding to hear first graders use the words they learned in this lesson, such as dissolve, texture, and soluble when they were doing the experiment. I believe exposing kids to hands-on science at an early age helps them make connects from the classroom to the real world–and that’s something that will stay with them forever.”

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