Tax Bills Due Sept. 30; Mailed to Residents Sept. 1

Important School Tax Bill Information

All BH-BL School Tax bills were mailed out to residents on Sept. 1 and are due, without penalty, by Sept. 30. If you have not yet received your school tax bill, please contact Grace Meade at 518-399-9141, Ext. 85027 or email

If you are mailing your tax bill payment, it is strongly recommended that you put your payment in the United States Postal mail by mid-September to ensure it reaches the BOCES School Tax Bill Processing Center before Sept. 30. It has been suggested that due to COVID-19, the postal service is experiencing higher demands than a normal year.

The district wants to remind taxpayers to pay special attention to the process this year in particular.  If your bill payment is not postmarked on or before Sept. 30, the district is required to levy late-payment penalties which cannot be waived. It is the taxpayers responsibility to ensure that the accurate payment is received by the deadline of Sept. 30.  Please double check all of the information written on the check to confirm accuracy before mailing it.

No In-Person Option This Year

This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Ballston Spa National Bank has informed us that they will be unable to accept in-person payments. After the pandemic threat ends, BH-BL fully intends to go back to offering an in-person option for payment. This method allows the taxpayer complete and immediate assurance that the bill is paid in full. In the absence of the in-person option, the district is offering mail-in and online options, described below:

Payment Options

Residents who are paying their tax bill are encouraged to select one of two options for payment:

  • Mail in to BOCES Bill Processing Center: Checks should be made payable to the Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake CSD. Mail payment along with the appropriate bill stub to: Tax Processing Unit, Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake CSD, PO Box 13929 Albany, NY 12212-3929
    • Double check to be sure the check is accurate and complete;
    • Consider taking the payment directly to the post office and having it postmarked at the counter or sent by certified mail.
  • Online: Residents can pay their school tax bills online using a Visa, Mastercard, or Discover credit card or by e-check. The link to pay via credit card can be found on our website. Please note: If paying by credit card there is a 3.5% site fee plus a 50 cent swipe fee. If paying by e-check, there is a $4.95 site fee and a 0.5% premium on tax bills that are $2,500 or greater. For example, a $2,600 tax bill would generate a site fee of $4.95 plus $13 for a total of $17.95.

Please note: UPS or FedEx payments are also accepted by mailing them to Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake CSD 845 State Rt. 50#1389 Burnt Hills, NY 12027

Verification of Receipt

Residents can check on the receipt of payment and obtain a printed or electronic receipt through the Tax Bill Look Up feature on our website. Additionally, everyone receives a receipt in the mail. Residents do not have to choose it as an option.

When are my school taxes due?

School taxes are billed annually. Residents will receive a bill in September only. Reminders are not sent out. Tax bills can be paid from Sept. 1, 2020 through Sept. 30, 2020 without penalty. Payments received online or postmarked Oct. 1, 2020 or later MUST include penalty. The last day of tax collection is Oct. 31, 2020. Payments received after Oct. 31, 2020 (including checks made with insufficient funds) will be returned immediately and deemed uncollectable. The uncollected balance will be turned over to the County to be re-levied on the property tax bill in January.