What is APPR?

APPR stands for Annual Professional Performance Review, and it is the process by which teachers and principals are evaluated in New York state. The purpose of APPR is to empower educators to improve the quality of instruction in schools and, in turn, to improve students’ performance and readiness for colleges and careers.

APPR plans must meet strict state guidelines and are negotiated with local unions. Under state guidelines, APPR takes into account classroom observations, student test scores, and a variety of achievement and assessment measures – many of which are decided at the local level. Teachers and principals across New York ultimately receive a number grade every year, which equates to an effectiveness rating.

View BH-BL’s APPR Plan.

Request for teacher or principal overall score and effectiveness rating

All parents/guardians have the right to obtain the APPR quality ratings and composite effectiveness scores for their child’s teacher(s) and principal(s) once the scores are officially available in accordance with state law.

  1. Parents/guardians who wish to request teacher/principal APPR quality ratings and composite effectiveness scores should contact the Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction at 518-399-9141, ext. 85015.
  2. Completed forms must be submitted to your child’s school in person. Parent/Guardians are required to show photo ID to verify identity. This can be done when dropping off the request form at your child’s school.
  3. Once the completed form has been processed and school personnel have verified the request is valid in accordance with state law, you will be contacted via telephone.

Teacher or principal evaluation scores are for parent/guardian personal use only. It is expected that parents and guardians will respect the privacy of district employees and not share this information with others, including other parent/guardians or via social media.

Still have questions?

Anyone with questions about the district’s APPR plan or the Common Core Learning Standards can find  more information by calling the district’s curriculum office at 399-9141, ext. 85015 or by contacting their
child’s principal.

It is important to remember that these laws and regulations are all designed with one goal in mind – improving student achievement. As school leaders and teachers work together to understand and implement each facet of the new legislation, it is important that students and parents also join in this effort. Home and school partnerships are crucial to student success, especially during times of tremendous change.