World Languages Department

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Welcome to the World Languages Department. We hope that this site will help you better understand our programs and course selections. For more information contact your child’s school or Counseling Center.

New York State Educational Learning Standards for World Languages

The New York State Education Department has established learning standards for World Languages denoting the skills and abilities each student should attain at various levels of his or her education – elementary, middle and high school levels.

    Middle School Level

    Learning about other cultures helps students expand their personal horizons and become responsible citizens. The ability to talk to others and gain knowledge beyond the world of English can contribute to our community and country. Research has shown that studying a second language can improve skills and grades in Math and English and other subjects as well. Students will do group activities, role-play, speak, listen, read, write and interact in the target  language. They will also play games, perform skits, make “films,” do projects and use technology to increase their proficiency in a foreign language.

    High School Level

    High school students must complete 1 unit of World Languages to complete the New York State’s minimum requirement for earning a Regents diploma, and 3 units of World  Languages for an Advanced Regents diploma or for an Advanced Regents diploma with BH-BL Merit Seal.

    The World Languages Department provides students with an awareness of and sensitivity toward the cultural and linguistic diversity of an increasingly interconnected world. Language courses offer an exciting academic and cultural experience for students in French, German, Mandarin Chinese, Russian and Spanish.

    Through these courses students will be empowered to experience the richness of the world and to take advantage of global opportunities for individual growth and world citizenship. Language proficiency can also make the difference in obtaining challenging and exciting employment in business and industry, government, engineering, education and international organizations.

    All language courses focus on the four basic communicative skills — listening, speaking, reading and writing — with an emphasis on vocabulary and structure. Students who continue in their language study throughout high school will reach an advanced level of proficiency. In addition, all language courses promote the understanding of other cultures and a deeper appreciation of one’s own culture.

    Additionally, students who complete the Level 3 courses in French, German or Spanish have the opportunity to go on to University in the High School (UHS) courses.  Two UHS courses are offered in each of these languages, providing students the opportunity to earn 6 college credits (3 per course) through the district’s partnership with SUNY Oswego.

    Sophomores, juniors and seniors also have the extraordinary opportunity to experience home and school life in France, Germany or Spain through the PEACE (Partners in Education and Cultural Exchange) program. Language teachers will provide more information about these exciting exchange opportunities.

    See individual course descriptions in the BH-BL High School curriculum/course guide for specifications.